11 Organic Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin This Summer (and Every Day)

I grew up as a pale, freckle-faced kid in a Southern California beach town, so sunscreen has always been a part of my life. Given all of the sunny days that I spent slathering on SPF, you'd think I would know a thing or two about what's actually in a standard bottle. I didn't until now. As it turns out, sunscreen that isn't labeled as organic or natural may contain chemicals that interfere with your hormones and metabolism. In fact, it may even absorb the very rays it's supposed to deflect.

So don't follow in my childhood flip-flops and choose the cheapest sunscreen that's next to the snack aisle at the deli. Instead, take a hint from the adult reviewers at Dermstore and choose one of these natural and organic sunscreens for your summer activities. We found 11 that are paraben-free, mineral-only, natural, and broad-spectrum so that you have all of the protection you need without any of the harmful ingredients.

Here's to slathering on sunscreen that doesn't come with any stressful side effects.