10 Organization Habits You Need to Establish Before Age 30

We're all about training your brain into healthier daily routine. Establishing patterns of productive behavior make life all the more manageable. This is especially true when it comes to being clutter-free and organized, a habit it pays to practice early and often. Life in your 20s can be frenetic and, for lack of a better word, messy. That's all the more reason to develop thoughtful rituals around your personal organization. Eliminating physical clutter within your home has a tendency to leave room for positive change in all areas of life.

To ensure we're getting into all the right grooves, we called in a pro. New York–based professional organizer Tova Weinstock, a.k.a. Tidy Tova—whose mission is to teach people how to live a less disoriented lifestyle and better interact with their space—is here to share her tips for establishing good housekeeping habits when you’re young, laying the groundwork for a truly organized life.