4 Design Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Unorganized and Cluttered

Updated 01/26/18
Liljencrantz Design

There's no better feeling than walking into a spotless home at the end of a long day. While spending hours mopping, dusting, and vacuuming isn't ideal or sometimes even possible during a busy week, there are ways to give your house or apartment the illusion of cleanliness with a few simple fixes. You can declutter, organize, and open up any space just by upgrading some décor elements and strategically placing design items, according to Popsugar. Curious how to clean up without actually digging up the cleaning supplies?

Check your home for these common design mistakes that are making the space look messier than it is.

1. The furniture sits on the ground. When large furniture pieces like couches and tables rest on the floor, they can appear clunky and disrupt the flow of a room. Instead, choose furniture that is raised up on legs to open up a room and restore a natural flow.

2. Art is centered with the furniture. Although you may be tempted to hang a painting in line with the layout of your furniture, it can end up looking sloppy and uncentered the minute your reorganize. Be sure to think about the room itself and hang wall décor in the center of a wall.

3. Your comforter is extra fluffy. Puffy comforters may be cozy, but their heavy material can make even the most neatly made bed look unkempt. Opt for a crisp blanket or even a lightweight quilt to make your bedroom look hotel-level clean.

4. Displayed items aren't organized. While it's near impossible not to collect a few knickknacks over the years, when it comes to displaying your collector's items, just keep it organized. Strategically stack books and be sure there's room for every item you wish to display before cluttering a bookshelf. It's an easy way to freshen up a room without really cleaning.

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