All the Smart Storage Solutions We Learned From Remodelista's New Book

Unless your name is Marie Kondo, your home could probably use some improvement in the organization department. Clutter, in all its shapes and forms, can feel like a bad fungus. No matter how committed and careful you are about keeping it at bay, it just seems to grow and grow. Even if you took extra care to get organized when you first moved in, chances are your clutter now overspills in every area of your home.

Remodelista understood that organizing is a work in progress—one that requires constant attention. After launching a website, The Organized Home, Remodelista released a book of the same name that filled with hundreds of small, actionable tips on how to store and organize every single item in your home, from toilet paper to pot lids. To come up with creative solutions, the team spoke to a variety of experts—hoteliers, chefs, boutique owners—on how their career has shifted their perspective on storage and organization. Ready to tackle clutter in every inch of your home? We spotlighted our favorite expert tips from the book. Trust us: You'll never see storage the same way again.