These Are the Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Organizing Your Home


Courtesy of Livet Hemma

We all have the best intentions when it comes to organizing our homes, but intentions don't always make for a pristine space. If you're constantly wasting time looking for things without remembering where you put them, or finding the tray in your hallway overloaded with old receipts, business cards, jewelry, and loose change, it may be time for a tidying detox. Luckily, learning how to properly organize your space is easier than you might think.

You may just be a few mistakes away from achieving the Marie Kondo of organizational systems. Do you buy storage containers before discarding accumulated junk? Do you keep stacks of paperwork in a messy filing cabinet? We've got the solutions to help fix your organizational quirks. We're sharing our favorite tips learned from the holy grail of organization booksGet your notepads ready—your home is about to get a serious makeover, storage edition.

Do you have any other foolproof organization tips? Share them with us.