The New Animal-Inspired Rug Collection We’re Swooning Over

Let us preface this article by saying: It pays to dream. And so today we’re dreaming of some truly magnificent rugs that are out of our price range at the moment, but hey, someone has to win the Powerball. Rug designer Bahram Shabahang launched his brand, Orley Shabahang (with business partner Geoffrey Orley), with the vision of creating his own line of new Persian revival carpets. Masterful rugs with modernized designs made using resurrected old-world techniques, his creations are a perfect fit for the pervasive mixing of old and new in today’s decorating scene.

Bahram’s latest collection was inspired by depictions of animals in Persian folk art, which were historically done in a two-dimensional perspective. Most of the animals pictured on the rugs—assorted species of cats, lions, and camels, are no longer still living in Iran, so in a way, Bahram has tried to give new life to these native animals. With new, unique colors like deep grays and soft oranges; different scales; and more geometric styles, the line has a fresh, contemporary feel, yet it still harkens back to traditional folk art. We are madly in love with these beautiful carpets—we hope they inspire a new trend. Scroll below for a glimpse.

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