This Unexpected (and Affordable) Gift Is My Go-To For Stocking Stuffers

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Design by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

There’s something to be said for having fun with stocking stuffers—who doesn't love buying funny trinkets and opting for miniature versions of classic gag gifts? But there’s merit in taking a more pragmatic route, too. Small doesn’t have to mean silly. There are plenty of ways to fill your loved one’s stocking with gifts that are genuinely meaningful and practical—and buying them a few Christmas ornaments happens to be a pretty good one.

Ornaments are generally underrated gifts. This may be because we make our wishlists in November, and our immense need for ornaments doesn’t become clear until after Thanksgiving. Or it could be because we have our eye on so many big-ticket items that smaller necessities fall by the wayside. No matter the reason, ornaments often go unappreciated in the gift department. But that doesn’t make them any less important.

A good Christmas ornament does a lot of things. It complements the inherent beauty of any Christmas tree, and it ushers in the festivity of the holiday season—these are givens. But a truly great ornament does more than decorate. It reminds you of the moment you first saw it, the person who gave it to you, and how you felt when you hung it on your tree. An ornament isn’t just a beautiful bauble—it’s a memory, nestled on a lush evergreen tree, alongside myriad other mementos. 

But a truly great ornament does more than decorate. It reminds you of the moment you first saw it, the person who gave it to you, and how you felt when you hung it on your tree.

It tells a story, captures an experience, and evokes an emotion. And really, what more could you ask for from a stocking stuffer—or any other kind of gift? 

Ready to hop on the ornaments as gifts train? Check out a few of our favorites below.

West Elm Diamond Glitter Ball Ornament $8

Though this glitter-lined ornament nods to classic holiday colors, it isn’t too obvious or on-the-nose. Pretty and unique, but still veritably versatile, this Diamond Glitter Ball Ornament is sure to make a lovely addition to anyone’s ornament collection. 

seltzer ornament
Urban Outfitters La Seltzer Christmas Ornament $10

Your seltzer-obsessed loved one will surely appreciate being called out via this La Seltzer Christmas Ornament. Consider this a tongue-in-cheek joke and a cute ornament, all in one.

Anthropologie Confetti Ornaments, Set of 9 $20

If your giftee prefers everything to match, opt for an ornament set, rather than a standalone ornament. These confetti-filled ornaments offer fun and sophistication in equal measure—and they’re a decidedly festive way to celebrate the holidays.

West Elm Bottle Brush Dress Up Animal Ornaments $10

These precious critters will look excellent on any Christmas tree. But they’ll look especially excellent on the Christmas tree belonging to your favorite dog lover.

pizza ornament
Target Pizza Glass Christmas Ornament $6

This pizza ornament is about as universally magical as pizza itself. Gift it to your favorite foodie—or the loved one in your life who can’t resist an adorable bauble. 

glitter ornaments
Anthropologie Glitter Brushed Ornaments, Set of 9 $38

These sparkly pink and gold ornaments are perfect for newbies who are still building their ornament collections. But those who are looking to tune up more tried-and-true ornament arrays are sure to appreciate them, too.

flamingo ornament
Target Glass Flamingo Christmas Ornament Pink $7

This hot pink flamingo will make a vibrant addition to any excessively colorful (or excessively pink) tree.

glitter ornament
Anthropologie Copper Mini Ornaments, Set of 24 $12

An ornament set that’s as fun as it is versatile, this sparkly collection is perfect for just about anyone. Gift it to the loved one who’s decorating a home for the first time, or the family member who could use a little extra glitz and glamour.

whale ornament
Jonathan Adler Whale Ornament $24

The minimalist in your life is sure to love every sleek ornament Jonathan Adler has on offer. Fun animals in crisp, slightly abstract silhouettes abound—all in a clean and sophisticated palette.

pineapple ornaments
World Market Glass Pineapple Ornaments Set Of 2 $20

Pineapples are everywhere during the spring and summer. But during the winter, they seem to disappear. Rectify that collective error by adorning your loved one’s Christmas tree with shiny, saturated pineapples.

llama ornament
Anthropologie Triangle of Bears Glitter Llama Ornament $16

There’s little to say about this one, other than this fundamental truth: Glitter-covered llamas are always a good idea.

bird ornament
Anthropologie Kiwi Bird Ornament $24

These fluffy little bird ornaments are all kinds of delightful. Opt for the more minimalist white shade or the more maximalist pink shade as you see fit.

glitter banana ornament
Anthropologie Beaded Banana Ornament $18

Because life is better with more sequin-covered fruit in it.

cactus ornament
West Elm Felt Cactus Ornaments $9+

Combined with a classic evergreen tree, these Felt Cactus Ornaments will create a dynamic juxtaposition—and an incredibly cute one, too.

disco ball ornament
West Elm Rainbow Disco Ball Tinsel Ornament $8

Give your loved one an ornament that’s as absolutely vibrant and charming as they are—even if that means buying the sparkliest, most colorful bauble you can find.

wine ornament
Target Glass of Rosé Filled with Sequins Glass Christmas Ornament $6

Your rosé-obsessed loved one is sure to appreciate this glitter-filled wine glass ornament, fit for hanging during the holidays (and really, any time of year).

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