Meet the Instagrammable Brand That Wants to Revolutionize Your Kitchen


Our Place

If you didn’t ‘gram it, did you even eat it?

Nowadays, it feels as if we document every single facet of our lives on social media—yes, including our meals. But while you might’ve snapped plenty of selfies at that trendy restaurant or transferred your takeout order onto a photogenic plate, there’s a good chance you feel more inspired to eat, not cook. 

That’s exactly what prompted Shiza Shahid to launch Our Place, a new company that’s revolutionizing the time we spend in the kitchen. 

“Cooking at home and eating together is essential to connecting to our bodies, our health, our food systems, our families, and friends and communities,” the co-founder explains. “We want people to be excited to cook more at home and share food with the people they love.”

In today’s Insta-worthy world, aesthetics play a big factor in how we spend our time and money. Fortunately, Our Place doesn’t disappoint. The brand’s debut collection, which was inspired by the traditional family dinner, boasts hand-painted ceramic plates and bowls, stackable drinking glasses that marry form and function, and the brand’s popular (and extremely versatile) Always Pan.

always pan
Our Place Always Pan $145

“The Always Pan replaces the clutter of a 16-piece cookware set with one innovative pan that does it all,” Shahid explains.”It’s healthy and free of PFASa, and beautiful enough to leave out on the counter.”

But for Shahid, creating beautiful pieces is only one piece of the business. As the co-founder of the Malala Fund and NOW Ventures, Shahid is committed to making a positive impact on the world. Naturally, Our Place is no exception. 

main plates
Our Place Main Plates, Set of 4 $50

Not only is Our Place working with artisans and factories with positive working conditions from all over the world, but each order is delivered in recyclable, biodegradable packaging. And, perhaps the cherry on top, Our Place is teaming up with local organizations who are working to create system-based change in their communities.

“Since [this collection’s] story-telling focused on families from Southern Los Angeles, we wanted to target our giveback to that community as well,” Shahid explains. “We partnered with the L.A. Food Policy Council to put a spotlight on, and invest in, food justice leaders in [the area] who are doing important work for equity and wellness.”

Cookware that does good and looks good on the ‘gram? Now that’s a win-win.

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