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Let's Move on From These Outdated Bathroom Décor Trends

White bathroom

Jason Schmidt / Trunk Archive

A good trend is a little bit like a whirlwind romance—it might be love at first sight, it may make your heart skip a beat, you may feel like you never want to be apart. But then, it slowly dies a painful death. Suddenly, you realize you don't really want to look at it anymore, that there are most likely better fish in the sea, and that you're ready to move on to something new. 

It's not that you don't like the trend anymore or appreciate everything it's brought to your life, but it just doesn't have that special something to endure the test of time or blossom into a long-lasting love story. That's how we feel about these outdated bathroom décor trends. They served us well while they lasted, and we're open to revisiting them in a few years. They've had a good run, but we're ready to move on from these eight outdated bathroom décor trends. Are you?

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Skip Subway Tiles. Try Stacked Brick Tiles.

White subway tile will always be the classic choice for bathrooms and backsplashes, but we're seeing a rise in glazed brick tiles stacked horizontally or vertically—giving any space a fresh, modern look.

Modern farmhouse brick
Clé Tile Modern Farmhouse Brick 10 sq.ft.
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Skip Brushed Brass. Try Matte Black.

We've seen so many iterations of brass fixtures in recent years. And while we still appreciate the patina of true antique brass, we're ready to move on from the brushed brass that's proliferated in bathrooms everywhere of late. Instead, we're digging the understated, sleek nature of matte black finishes like powder-coated steel.

Rotunda wall-mount bathroom faucet
Signature Hardware Rotunda Wall-Mount Bathroom Faucet $349.00
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Skip Chandeliers. Try Globe Pendants.

For a while, hanging chandeliers in the bathroom was de rigueur. But with today's slightly more minimalist approach to bathroom design, a softer globe pendant might be a better choice.

A globe pendant makes a killer statement above a freestanding bathtub.

Alexa Hampton Hailey Medium Round Pendant
Alexa Hampton Hailey Medium Round Pendant $999.00
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Skip White Marble. Try Colored Stone.

Stone bathroom vanity

Bauer Media / Trunk Archive

White marble will never go out of style—but while we're living through a veritable Carrara shortage, can we turn to other equally appealing stones? Whether your pick is a beautiful dark-blue marble or travertine, it's time to let other materials shine. 

Marble tray
Aeyre Brown Marble Tray $233.00
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Skip Moroccan-Patterned Tiles. Try Terra-Cotta Hex Tiles.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but we've seen enough Moroccan-patterned tiles for a while—especially the stark black-and-white variety. That said, we still enjoy them in moderation when sourced and laid out authentically. So, instead of black and white, we're excited about the textured look of antique terra-cotta tiles to give a bathroom a sense of history and visual interest.

Clé Tile Antique Terracotta Tile in Provincial Red
Clé Tile Antique Terracotta Tile in Provincial Red 39 sq. ft.
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Skip Vessel Sinks. Try Wall-Mounted Vanities.

One trend we've never fully understood is the vessel sink. Not only are they often awkwardly installed at the wrong height, but it also takes just the tiniest water pressure for water to splash everywhere—a nightmare. Instead, we're loving the look of wall-mounted vanities, which, on top of being sleek and ultra-practical, also make a bathroom feel larger by not taking up floor space.

Kast Concrete Bassins Elm Vanity
Kast Concrete Basins Elm Vanity N/A
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Skip Clawfoot Tubs. Try Minimal Freestanding Tubs.

Spa bathroom

Amy Bartlam

Remember the scene from The Holiday when Cameron Diaz tries to get into a tiny English cottage tub? That's kind of how we feel about all clawfoot tubs in general. They look really quaint, but their practicality doesn't exactly follow suit. Instead, try a minimal freestanding tub with full visual appeal and plenty of space.

Vinnova Lumina Soaking Bathtub
Vinnova Lumina Soaking Bathtub $2,276.00 $801.00
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Skip Fish Scale Tile. Try Zellige Tile.

We know, we have strong feelings about tile, but fish scale tile can skew a bit cheesy. If you want to feel like you're under the sea à la The Little Mermaid, may we suggest the textured nature of Moroccan zellige tiles instead? While they come in a variety of colors, this shattered pearl glaze in gray-blue hues is especially calming and beautiful.

Clé Tile Shattered Pearl Zellige Tile
Clé Tile Zellige Shattered Pearl Tile 20 sq. ft.