Can We All Agree to Move on From These Outdated Bathroom Décor Trends in 2019?

A good trend is a little bit like a whirlwind romance—it might be love at first sight, it may make your heart skip a beat, you may feel like you never want to be apart, but then, it slowly dies a painful death. Suddenly, you realize you don't really want to look at them anymore, that there are most likely better fish in the sea, and that you're ready to move on to something new. 

It's not that you don't like the trend anymore, or appreciate everything it's brought to your life, but it just doesn't have that special something to endure the test of time or blossom into a long-lasting love story. This is a little bit like how we feel about these outdated bathroom décor trends. They've served us well while they lasted, and we're open to revisiting them in a few years. We've had a good run, but we're ready to move on from these eight outdated bathroom décor trends. Are you?