Interior Designers Have Had Enough—8 Trends They're Ditching in 2019

This year, the year of terra-cotta orange hues, velvet everything, and a resurgence of rattan furniture—brought us some pretty great trends that we're excited to decorate with through 2019. However, as always, not all trends are worth keeping around as we transition into a new year.

According to Jessica McCarthy, creative director of Decorist, 2019 is going to be all about breaking the rules. "We will be seeing even more unexpected mixes of style periods, patterns, and colors," she predicts. This signals a move away from the now-mainstream midcentury-modern look and an entrance into combinations of Art Deco designs and pieces inspired by other decades like the '70s and '80s (hello, floral prints and rounded sofas).

As for Homepolish interior designer Liz Lipkin, she's most excited for the movement toward personal, one-of-a-kind spaces to pick up steam and for people to continues to embrace locally made artisanal décor. "I'm finding that people are increasingly rejecting mass-produced fast furniture for unique, substantial heirloom pieces," the designer says.

In order to make room for these new trends, there's no choice but to ditch a few styles that are on their way out. Ahead, McCarthy, Lipkin, and more designers share their take on which trends to toss and what to replace them with in the New Year.