Everything Interior Designers Are Ditching (And Keeping) This Year

Décor Trends 2019

Reid Rolls; DESIGN: Jessica McCarthy 


Spring is a time for changes—your interior décor included. Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and new home décor trends are emerging what seems like every day.

While some spring décor trends feel fresh and original, others are already beginning to seem overdone and outdated. In order to make room for the latest trends that you feel most connected to, there's no choice but to make some cuts and quite literally spend some time spring-cleaning your interiors.

So far, 2019 has been all about natural materials and textures, bold maximalist designs, and unique silhouettes. If you need a bit of inspiration for what to ditch and what to try instead, keep reading for seven outdated spring home décor trends (and seven trends that feel brand new), according to the pros.

Ditch: All-White

“The white-on-white-on-white palette feels like it has seen its hay-day, especially in the kitchen," Decorist designer Erika Dale tells MyDomaine. "Though it photographs beautifully, it can feel a bit stark or cold in person,” she adds.

Layered Neutrals Trend
Hannah Haston; DESIGN: Erika Dale

Keep: Layered Neutrals

“Instead, to keep things feeling light and airy but still warm and welcoming, try a mixture of bright white with warmer shades of ivory, cream, nude, greige, and sandy tones to create a layered neutral effect," Dale suggests. "By varying texture with these subtle hues, the result is a very hygge and elegant.”

Leather Moroccan Pouf
West Elm Leather Moroccan Pouf $299 $224

Ditch: Neon

Neon has proven to be a major trend in both the worlds of fashion and design this past year, but Decorist Elite Designer Briana Nix is ready to say goodbye to the bold, bright hues.

Natural Materials Trend
Alyssa Rosenheck; DESIGN: Jessica McCarthy 

Keep: Natural Materials

“Instead of the bright statement lights we’ve seen so much of recently, I’d like to see softer and more natural options this spring," Nix explains. "Wicker, rattan and natural grass shades and pendants give a relaxed, carefree vibe.”

Fringe Faux Leather Pendant Light
CB2 Fringe Faux Leather Pendant Light $299

Ditch: Terrazzo Décor

According to Decorist Elite Designer Jillian Scott, small décor details that feature terrazzo have had enough time in the spotlight. “For me, this trend feels too contrived as everything from vases to side tables adorn the look," she says.

Homemade Décor Trend
Sarah Sherman Samuel 

Keep: Handmade Wares

“I like a terrazzo floor, but with décor, I'll go for items that have a more handmade look to them.” Think unique ceramic sculptures and vases to get this fresher look.

Decorative Ceramic Amphora
Zara Home Decorative Ceramic Amphora $50

Ditch: Pastel Overload

While Dale thinks that pastels can work in moderation, she's not a fan of designs that go overboard with the light shades: “You think of spring and your mind immediately goes to the happy, light hues of Easter eggs and May flowers,” she notes.

Earth Tones Trend
Catherine Kwong

Keep: Earth Tones

"Try bringing in rich or vibrant earth tones like natural wood, deep forest green, ochre, mustard, terracotta, indigo, coral, or persimmon," Dale suggests. "These colors feel grounded and down-to-earth, yet energetic and elevated—the perfect springtime boost for your home.”

Matrix Chair
Article Maxtrix Chair $599

Ditch: Minimalism

Minimalism has always been a popular home décor trend, and while it likely will never fade completely, Nix is just one of the many designers looking for alternatives. “Minimalist interiors can seem stark, so for spring, I like to warm things up with color and pattern,” she explains.

Maximalism Trend
Reid Rolls; DESIGN: Jessica McCarthy 

Keep: Maximalism

“By mixing different color combinations with a variety of materials and textures, a room will feel new and give it that fresh maximalism vibe,” according to Nix. It's a far more experimental look meant for fun, fresh styles and bold décor.

Eteris Wallpaper
House of Hackney Eteris Wallpaper $298

Ditch: Fiber Art

“The popularity of macramé feels overly 70's boho-chic to me," Scott says. "I do really love the bohemian style, but I think the market has been oversaturated with this trend,” she adds.

Sculpture Trend
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Keep: Sculptures

Rather than utilizing macramé and fabric wall hangings for décor, opt for something a bit more modern. Scott recommends sourcing something like a sculptural wall hanging—it's a fresh take on the spring trend.

Moon Chime Wall Sculpture
Mudpuppy Moon Chime Wall Sculpture $450

Ditch: Traditional Silhouettes

"Another spring décor trend that I think is outdated is the use of all straight lines when it comes to furniture silhouettes and decor," Dale says. Although the designer admits that clean lines and mid-century modern influences are popular, she's ready to give less traditional shapes a try.

Curved Furniture Trend
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Keep: Curves

"There is a sophistication to creating an eclectic mixture of silhouettes and décor with a variety of inspirations, and the graceful curves of the '70s, '80s, and Art Deco era are the next big thing," according to Dale. "Think curved sofas, large scale floral murals, organic shibori patterns, scalloped chairs, or freeform coffee tables, to name a few," she adds.

Cozy Swivel Chair
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