8 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas For When Netflix Isn't Enough

Updated 03/21/19

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Tired of staying indoors and staying with the same old “Netflix and chill” routine? Think outside the box with these eight fun outdoor date ideas are guaranteed to give your dating repertoire a real breath of fresh air. 

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Go on a Hike.

If you’re looking for an outdoor date idea that’s bound to hike up the fun, strap on your hiking boots and head to a local trail or hiking path. Not only will you and your date get to enjoy the beauty of nature as you get to know each other, but you're also choosing a healthy activity that works up as much sweat as it does conversation.  ​​

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Visit a Farmers' Market.

Another outdoor date idea that will leave a good taste in both of your mouths is to go to a farmers' market. You’ll be able to walk around to the different stands, try samples, and possibly find your new favorite fruit, hummus, jam or vegetable. And as you get to know each other’s food preferences, you’ll be better able to determine if you have a preference for each other. 

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Participate in a Charity Walk

If you’re looking for a fun date idea with benefits that go beyond the relationship, signing up for a charity walk/run is a winning choice. Whether you and your date decide to walk, run, or jog during the event, you'll start out any potential relationship knowing that you're making a difference. 

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Go to the Beach

An additional outdoor date idea that’s nothing short of fun is to put on your bathing suit, sandals and sunglasses and head to the beach—just don’t forget the sunscreen! There’s a seemingly endless list of enjoyable activities that you can engage in at the beach, whether you sign up for surf lessons, go boogie boarding, build a sandcastle, play beach volleyball or simply soak up the rays as you get to know each other in new ways.

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Visit an Amusement Park

Going to an amusement park with your date can help you show off your inner-daredevil as well as help you show off more of your fun personality. In fact, if you consider yourself a thrill-seeker, this type of date is bound to get your heart pumping with someone who may turn out to be your sweetheart in the future. However, if roller coasters and scary rides aren’t that appealing to you, don’t forget that there are theme parks geared toward a younger audience that are still full of fun rather than full of fear. 

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Plan a Picnic.

If you’re looking for an outdoor date idea that’s both fun and relaxing, having a picnic in the park with your date is a great way to get to know each other in a comfortable setting. You can make it a potluck picnic where you each contribute different parts of the meal, or you can simply stop on the way to the park for your favorite takeout. But no matter what you pick for the menu, going on a picnic is a top pick for any outdoor date. 

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Go to an Outdoor Sporting Event

If you’re looking for a date idea that’s packed with action and fun, then heading to an outdoor sporting event is a home run of a choice. After all, you get to spend time with each other in an energetic and exciting atmosphere. And not only will you be able to cheer on your team, but you’ll also be able to see if you and your date work well as a team.  

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Go to an Outdoor Concert

For a date that’ll be music to both of your ears, go to an outdoor concert. While there are countless outdoor venues and amphitheaters to choose from, you can also find free concerts in parks, at piers, and at outdoor fairs for more local charm. Not only will you and your date get to enjoy live music, but spending time together in this way will help you determine if you “harmonize” well as a potential couple.   

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