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25 of the Most Beautiful Outdoor Kitchens We've Ever Seen

outdoor kitchens


We all want to achieve the perfect cooking space, and the possibility of cooking in an outdoor kitchen? That takes things to another level. Although they may not be among the first changes you wish to implement in a new space, the addition of an outdoor kitchen—whether that's a grill and table or full-blown built-in countertops and dining area—is an instant mood booster.

Not only does an outdoor kitchen give you never-ending opportunities to eat outside under the sun or stars, but it opens doors for entertaining and socializing. Covered kitchens, movable cooktops, and means of staying warm can all ensure that an outdoor kitchen is possible. From built-in refrigerators and pizza ovens to dining areas and fireplaces, the options for creating a beautiful outdoor kitchen are as plentiful as the options inside your home.

To kickstart some ideas, the following outdoor kitchens provide prime inspiration for your dream space—and can help you get one step closer to the al fresco dining experience you've always wanted.

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Stay Chic With Black and White

Black and white outdoor kitchen

Design and styling: SALTHOUSE collective / photography: Charlotte Lea Photography 

A black, white, and gray color palette really makes this outdoor kitchen a well-established space. The cool wrap-around concrete countertops not only serve as cooking and prep stations, but as a second place to dine, thanks to a handful of barstool chairs.

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Create Cozy Yet Refined

Outdoor kitchen with stone oven

The Hive

There are so many reasons why this outdoor kitchen is unbelievably charming. With fairy lights gracing the perimeter, the brick storage space, farmhouse sink, and simple rack for cooking utensils create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's also impossible to not fawn over that oven. You most likely won't want to cook inside anymore knowing that a stone pizza oven awaits you outside.

Appliances that don't exactly fit inside your home can become of great use in an outdoor kitchen. Wine refrigerators, smokers, and, of course, pizza ovens are all prime examples of this.

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Lounge By the Fireside

Brown-toned outdoor kitchen

Eldorado Stone

To prolong the amount of time you can use your outdoor kitchen, a covered area and a source of warmth are two must-haves. An elegant orb light fixture and the rustic, outdoorsy chairs and coffee table add to the kitchen's appeal and will keep you cooking outside even when the temperatures dip. Just grab a warming cocktail with a cozy blanket, and you'll be set.

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Keep It Bright and Airy

Light-filled outdoor kitchen

Oak & Orange

This outdoor kitchen is likely to convince anyone to pack up and move to a location that's warm year-round. The wood-concrete combo island with a built-in refrigerator is made for days of lounging by the pool. And even if trouble strikes in paradise (in the form of rain), your al fresco dining friends and your meal will all be safe and sound under the covered area.

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Keep It Simplistic

White and wood outdoor kitchen

Our Emerald Home

While streamlined, refined outdoor kitchens are the norm, they're most certainly not your only option. For instance, this wooden and white outdoor kitchen is an absolute dream with its gorgeous wooden hardware, open shelving, and beadboard structure. It just goes to show that you don't necessarily need a high-tech oven and built-in wine cooler to craft a gorgeous, useable cooking space.

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Make It White and Wooden

White outdoor kitchen


This space from Umevagen is the perfect embodiment of an outdoor kitchen that sees a lot of sun and warm weather. Its all-white everything keeps it cool, and the built-in shelves and wrap-around countertops practically made for firing up the grill and hosting potlucks, BBQs, and close-knit celebrations.

The back wall also gives you some privacy from prying eyes as well as extra storage space and a platform for hanging fairy lights, cooking utensils, and recipes.

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Try Tile

White and black outdoor kitchen

WildFlora Design Studio

Statement tiling isn't confined to indoor spaces—it deserves to star outside too, especially in an outdoor kitchen. While you may not have something like a backsplash in your exterior cooking space, you can incorporate them into countertops, walls, or islands, as seen here.

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Play With Petite Spaces

Colorful rooftop outdoor kitchen

Reena Sotropa

Outdoor kitchens needn't be large and overbearing. If you'd rather use precious space for socializing, a designated corner or wall will do just fine, such as seen here in this rooftop outdoor kitchen/dining area. The grill is separated from the sociable spaces and "dining room," but it all flows together and gives guests more choices.

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Embrace the Fresh Outdoors

White and gray outdoor kitchen

Sixteen on the Park

For locations with eternal sunshine, a pergola may serve as a better cover than anything. It allows for almost all light to get in so you can soak up vitamin D while sharing a bite to eat with loved ones.

If you're opting for an exposed outdoor kitchen, it's important to choose high-quality, heavy-duty cooking equipment, dining furniture, and prep spaces so it can handle what the elements throw its way.

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Use a Texture Takeover

outdoor kitchens


Accent walls often feature a pop of color, but you could also use a textured finish to make a statement. This modern patio paradise uses layers of wood to create two focal points around a neutral outdoor kitchen area. The variation in stain shades adds to the luxury design without overwhelming the space.

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Create a Marble Masterpiece

outdoor kitchens


Even the most simple indoor kitchen makes a statement with a marble backsplash and counter combo, and the same goes for an outdoor version. This barbecue area with a black marble counter and backsplash is sure to stun guests.

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Remember to Add Lighting

outdoor kitchens


Chandeliers are most often seen inside the home, but this outdoor cooking space includes one so effortlessly. If you're looking to add a touch of glam—and light—to your deck idea, consider this a bright idea.

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Add a TV

outdoor kitchens


If your social events often include a sporting event and food, your backyard is the perfect destination to host some epic cookouts. Mounting a tv in your cooking space ensures you don't miss a beat in the outdoor kitchen and also keep up with the game.

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Make It Livable

outdoor kitchens


If you can't see yourself relaxing and lounging in a space, why would you want to eat there? This inviting outdoor area is loaded with wicker furniture, playful pillows, and, of course, a grill, giving this room a more laid-back vibe that feels like a breath of fresh air from everyday life.

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Embrace Casual Dining

outdoor kitchens


Dining al fresco should be casual, easy, and the highlight of a social gathering. The setup of this outdoor kitchen lends itself to good food and better company with an outdoor couch setup, coffee tables, and bar seating adjacent.

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Wow With Warm Woods

outdoor kitchen


Warm wood tones and cozy fur seating is the epitome of a welcoming outdoor space. Invite guests over, even on the chilly nights, for an outdoor dining experience that's sure to get their taste buds and body temperature working.

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Add Storage for Days

outdoor kitchens


One of the most difficult parts of hosting outdoors is the constant need to run inside to grab items from your indoor kitchen. This outdoor cooking space is equipped with plenty of storage, perfect for stocking everything you need within reach.

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Style With Age-Old Design

outdoor kitchens

Puga Constructions

Whether you live in a new build or your home was built before your parents were even born, you can bring an old-world charm to your backyard with a simple, yet stunning, kitchen design. We love the practical design, from the cubby-style storage, built-in oven and stone sink.

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Utilize Your Built-In Backdrop

outdoor kitchens

Northern California Grills

Your outdoor kitchen is nothing without the backdrop. Whether you're stuck with an unsightly view or you're looking to create an oasis in the middle of the city, consider planting a wall of palm trees to transport you to your own private island.

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Show Off Your Style

outdoor kitchen

Officine Gullo

You wouldn't skimp on an ounce of style on the interior of your impeccably designed home, right? So why neglect the design details that make up your outdoor kitchen? This stylish outdoor kitchen and appliances are proof that every element can make or break the composition of your design.

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Leverage Your Indoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen


Whether you're working with a small backyard or even a smaller budget, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to host outdoor gatherings with plenty of fresh dishes. Installing an oversized door right off your indoor kitchen to open up to your back patio creates the illusion of dining al fresco without the expensive outdoor renovations.

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Find a Place at the Table

outdoor kitchens

SLP Barbacoas

No matter how good your grilling skills are, if you don't have a proper space to enjoy it, it's possible your outdoor kitchen space won't ever live up to its potential. A dining table with a proper place setting always makes a great dinner so much better.

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Try a Tiki Bar

outdoor kitchens

Puga Constructions

Make every outdoor gathering that you host feel like a private island party when you opt for an upscale tiki bar setup. This palm-covered pergola with wooden details and a lush surrounding is just what you need to transport your guests (even if just mentally) to a luxury vacation.

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Try Adding a Tap

outdoor kitchens


Want to really impress your guests when they come over for summer cookouts? Install your favorite beer (or kombucha) tap for unlimited refills.

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Consider Installing a Backsplash

outdoor kitchens

Trevor Fulmer Design

If you're looking to cover an unsightly wall or just elevate the look of your outdoor kitchen, consider installing a backsplash like you would in your indoor kitchen. Tile, stone, and concrete are all weatherproof options that up the cool factor of your outdoor cooking space