13 Products for the Ultimate Outdoor Summer Movie Night

Create an unforgettable movie experience.

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outdoor movie night set-up

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Watching movies is a classic, beloved pastime where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a film with your friends and family. From the big screen to the buttery popcorn, it's important for the proper ambience to be set to have the whole experience.

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, host your own outdoor movie night in the comfort of your own home where you can pick and choose the products that will help create your own magical outdoor movie night. Here are 13 items to guarantee an unforgettable night.

TMY Projector 7500 Lumens with 100 Inch Projector Screen

TMY Projector 7500 Lumens


Nobody wants to be squinting their eyes trying to decipher what they're watching due to the poor quality of the movie, which is why it's super important to have a good projector. With 7500 Lumens and 1080 full HD supported resolution, the TMY Projector will showcase the dynamic and vibrant colors of any film. The best part is that it comes with a 100-inch portable tv screen, so you don't need to purchase a separate one.

Food52 Roll Up Printed Picnic Blankets

food52 roll up picnic blanket


Don't ruin your white sheets—opt for a cheery and colorful picnic blanket instead. This picnic blanket is easy to bring outside because it can be rolled up and carried by its holding strap. Made of fleece and a waterproof lining, it will keep you and your guests comfy.

MINNA Barragan Pillow Spring

Barragan Pillow Spring


No movie is complete without the necessary pillows that'll keep you comfortable throughout the film. These MINNA spring pillows will keep you cozy and add an extra touch of color to your movie set-up creating a perfect-picture moment.

Anthropologie San Miguel Outdoor Scented Candle

Anthropologie scented outdoor candle


Transform your movie night into relaxing oasis with this round wooden candle that'll leave black currant, ambered rose, and botanical green notes in the air for you and your guests to enjoy during the movie. It'll be a long-lasting candle with its 110-hour burn time and be impressionable.

Watching a movie goes way beyond the visuals. The sound effects are what really immerse you into the scenes, so it's essential to have a well-working speaker that'll amplify your movie experience. The JBL speaker is wireless and portable, waterproof, and comes in various colors to choose from. With its ability to play up to 20 hours, you can even host a movie marathon without having to worry about it dying mid-way.

Cold Picnic Sky Leopard Knit Blanket

Sky Leopard Blanket

Cold Picnic

Although it may be warm during the day, it always gets cooler and breezier at night. Stay warm with Cold Picnic's knit throw blanket that is soft to the touch and big enough to share.

Twinkle Star 200 LED 66 FT Copper String Lights Fairy String Lights

amazon string lights


Set the mood with some twinkling lights, either around your set-up or bordering around the screen. It'll slightly illuminate your movie set-up while adding some extra whimsy and replicating a starry night. There are eight light modes to choose from and can be controlled using a remote, so you don't have the get up to change the brightness or mode.

W&P The Personal Popper

the personal popper


Popcorn is a classic movie theater snack, so it's only fitting to continue this tradition by making your own popcorn at home. Instead of deciding between what kind of popcorn brand to choose from, customize your own with this personal popper bowl which is easy and sustainable to use. All you need are kernels and your favorite toppings. Using the lid as a measuring cup, you scoop how many servings you want, pop it into the microwave to get a fresh bowl of popcorn, and finish it off with some butter, flavoring, and candy.

Urban Outfitters BAGGU Puffy Cooler Bag

BAGGU Puffy Cooler Bag

Urban Outfitters

No need to go back in and out from your house to get a cold beverage if you have this cooler bag. The well-insulated cooler will keep your beverages and snacks cool throughout the night, so you can focus on watching.

Food52 Folding Picnic Basket & Table

Folding Picnic Basket & Table


Having a small table for your outdoor movie night will be a game changer. From games to food to drinks, it'll be the perfect table to eat with friends outside and play without having to crane your necks downwards. The wooden table can also be transformed into a holding basket, making it easier to bring out whatever you need before setting it up.

Anthropologie Block Print Cotton Cushion

Block Print Cotton Cushion


Sitting or laying on the ground can get uncomfortable over time, especially if the movie lasts for more than two hours. A cotton cushion is light-weight to carry outside but super comfy once place it down and lay on it. It'll bring the laidback comfort right into your backyard space.

Coming Soon Playing Cards

coming soon playing cards

Coming Soon

As much as we love lounging outside and watching movies for hours, it can get a bit tiring on the eyes or boring overtime. The beauty of at-home movies is that you can pause the film whenever you want to take a break or do something else in the meantime to keep it exciting. Keep your guests entertained with some card games using this deck of modern design playing cards.

Urban Outfitters Subtle Art Studios Checkered Glass Tile Coaster

Subtle Art Studios Checkered Glass Tile Coaster

Urban Outfitters

Don't have drinks toppling over and causing a mess during the movie. Use these colorful checkered glass tile coasters that come in various colors to prevent any messes. They will not only help guests know what drinks are theirs but also protect your home goods from drink residues.