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8 Inspiring Alfresco Showers That Are So Pretty They Could Be Indoors

These 8 dreamy outdoor showers will give you tropical vacation vibes all year round

Outdoor showers


Sand and chlorine can wreak havoc on many things—hair, clothes, skin, and if we go indoors without properly rinsing—even home décor. And, if you’ve ever tried, you know it’s difficult to make your way through the house to get to the bathroom to clean up post-beach or pool time without leaving a mess in your wake. So what is one to do? Consider investing in an outdoor shower. If you’ve ever used one, then you know they range in setup and can be enclosed or en plein air. Lately, we’ve caught sight of tons of cute outdoor showers trending on Pinterest—ranging from a wooden oasis to a rose-lined dream.

These gorgeous designs prove that it’s not just the style of shower you get (although it is important), but it’s also how you choose to accessorize it. Even if you don’t have a beach house or pool, these will give you some serious design envy. Below, find some of the most eye-catching outdoor showers being pinned right now. Getting clean has never been this enticing.

Go Rustic

This spot is an adult tree house (on the ground). We can’t promise you’ll be able to plant an oak in exactly the same spot, but you’ll be able to achieve the look with a wooden bench and paneling. The marble backdrop feels especially lavish since it’s the only varied material… so chic.

A Secret Garden Space

A showerhead hanging from an open ceiling is so modern, but a rose bush crawling up the wall gives it some old-school charm. We like the contrast of dark and light colors on the walls and paneling. But mostly we just love the smell of fresh blooms while we rinse off.

Get a Little Nauti(cal)

Stripes, stark white, and a rattan basket. Welcome to the preppy beach house you didn’t know existed IRL. A teal pendant lamp adds that little pop of fun to keep the space from feeling stuffy. (Plus, did we mention the toilet and sink? Perfection.)

Channel Faraway Places

Stunning mosaic tiles make up the floor of this shower space. It’s as if you’ve been transported to somewhere in the Mediterranean with the textured walls and old-fashioned gate. We suggest scheduling a little extra time for some daydreaming.

Be Practical

Families need hooks for towels and sun hats, plus a bench that can hold a basket of towels and toiletries. Even though the area is small, the bright hues open it up (it’s also perfect if you play host on the regular).

The Lush Life

If you want to feel like you’re exploring a rainforest, then this is the shower design for you. Leafy, green foliage and stone walls almost give you the feeling that you’re underneath a waterfall (although we’d assume the water would be much colder there).

Find Your Zen

This airy space seems like a spa retreat in the best possible way. Is there anything more calming than smooth stones underfoot and the sight of fresh towels just begging to be wrapped around you?

Understated Elegance

This spot is functional—it has multiple towel hooks and even a chair—but luxe fabrications like silver and chrome up the ante. A tall showerhead ensures great water pressure for both those tiny or tall.