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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space With These 15 Wall Décor Ideas

Pure Salt Interiors outdoor space.

Pure Salt Interiors

Any well-loved patio has a few key components: a place to sit and mingle, some potted plants for décor, and perhaps a sunshade and petite fire pit to make the area inviting in every season. But, if you want an outdoor space that rivals the living room and keeps guests coming back, think beyond the essentials.

Elevate your patio from basic to beautiful with a decorative wall feature. Trade your potted plants for elaborate climbing vines or your familiar fountain for a striking focal point. Once you've selected a brilliant background for your backyard retreat, you'll never want to go back inside.

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Dress the Walls in Black

Outdoor patio with black wall.

Bespoke Only

A pair of sconces or a set of hanging plants may be all you need to complete your outdoor oasis. But, for those who crave a little depth and drama, coat the walls in jet black. Use a textured surface and a set of sconces to create some added appeal.

Build a robust planter box along your charcoal fence. The black backdrop will make the flowers and foliage look bright and vibrant.

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Keep it Minimal

Michelle Berwick outdoor home.

Michelle Berwick

Minimalism remains a hot interior and exterior design trend. If you prefer a simple aesthetic, stick to a color palette of white, black, and wood. This darling front porch by designer Michelle Berwick uses a board and batten siding and a black frame around the window to add some visual interest.

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Bring Back Brass

Mindy Gayer exterior.

Mindy Gayer

Brass is back, baby. Wrap up your outdoor design with an accent piece in antique brass to infuse a little vintage flair in your modern aesthetic. For instance, this darling mailbox is the perfect finishing touch for a stylish front porch.

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Create a Modern Trellis

Exterior patio with rattan light fixtures.

Mindy Gayer

If you want a more simple and sophisticated look in your backyard retreat, use climbing vines to create a stylish feature. Arrange heavy-duty wire in a vertical or diagonal pattern, a tight grid, or a spacious design, then wait and watch as the décor unfurls.

Plant this design against a stark white wall to make it pop.

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Restore Furnishings for a Vintage Feel

Bespoke Only exterior space

Bespoke Only

For antique enthusiasts, feel free to mix in some vintage pieces in your outdoor design. Use a dated hutch or rustic buffet table to store your outdoor dinnerware. This could also serve as a creative setting for decorative elements like plants and candles.

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Impress Your Guests With Texture

Maite Granda outdoor backyard with pool.

Maite Granda

Accent walls often feature a pop of color, but you could also use a textured finish to catch the eye. This modern patio paradise by designer Maite Granda uses layers of wood to create two focal points around a neutral dining set. The variation in stain adds to the luxury design without overwhelming the space.

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Hang a Mirror

Reena Sotropa backyard design.

Reena Sotropa

Mirrors are a practical addition to any bedroom or entryway, but they can also offer a decorative element for petite patios. This fun outdoor lounge, designed by Reena Sotropa, uses a large mirror to create the illusion of added space and enhance the eclectic aesthetic.

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Install a Fountain Focal Point

Pure Salt Interiors

Pure Salt Interiors

Fountains are a common accessory in outdoor designs, but they don't have to feature a concrete cherub or a collection of koi. Consider incorporating a modern fountain with a decorative tile in your patio plans. At the end of a long day, this lavish feature is sure to soothe the senses.

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Make a Statement with a Marble Slab

Studio KT outdoor space

Studio KT

If you're building your backyard retreat from the ground up, make your wall the bell of the ball. A gorgeous marble slab is a great option for homeowners looking for a design that's minimal and chic. Keep the furniture and accessories simple and highlight the slab with a pair of sleek sconces to make sure there's no debating who has the spotlight.

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Adorn the Walls in Artisan Tile

Pure Salt Interiors

Pure Salt Interiors

An accent wall is a great way to sweeten the scene, but instead of a color, opt for a stunning artisan tile. This bright patterned backsplash creates an elevated look in a small space. Decorative shelving and a large flatscreen TV complete the luxury outdoor kitchen.

If you're not sure how to start your patio project, select a tile as your inspiration. Use it to match colors and shapes in your furniture and décor selection.

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Light it Up With a Grand Fireplace

Sire Design outdoor fireplace.

Sire Design

An elaborate fireplace is one surefire way to elevate your backyard area from boring to breathtaking. This tiered look by Sire Design draws your attention to the patio's finest features. With this kind of luxury accessory, your living room will have some serious competition.

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Lean a Little Boho

Arbor & Co

Arbor & Co.

A gallery wall is a simple and affordable way to style any wall, both indoors and outdoors. Dress up an ordinary fence with a collection of woven baskets for a bohemian vibe. The organic materials mingle well with wicker furniture, plants, and other natural elements in your little slice of paradise.

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Hang a Grate for Climbing Vines

Outdoor space with dining table and metal wall art.

Design: Squarefoot Interior Design; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Dotting your outdoor oasis with a collection of plants can balance a classic, high-contrast design. To complement the look, mount a modern metal trellis on a bare wall. The simple grid pattern provides a decorative finish, even while you wait for vines to climb.

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Pick a Bold Color

Vibrant outdoor space with green walls.

Rikki Snyder

Not every homeowner has enjoyed the minimalist trends in recent years. Fortunately, there's plenty of space for the artistic and eclectic types to let their true colors shine. Express yourself in your patio design with a playful color palette. Don't be afraid to try something adventurous.

If you're loving the maximalist feel, search for styles like art deco and bohemian for inspiration.

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Liven Up the Wall With Living Art

Outdoor pool area with plants on wall.

Design: JDP Interiors; Photo: Amy Bartlam

Live wall art isn't only for luxury hotels and upscale bars. This creative décor is an excellent option for outdoor areas, taking a traditional element of outdoor design and elevating it, literally, to achieve a whole new look and feel. Choose a collection of frames for a unique spin on the classic gallery wall or a large statement piece to wow your guests.