5 Easy Ways to Take Your WFH Setup Outdoors This Summer

Outdoor wooden pergola with floating sofa underneath.

Kirsten Diane

This winter, we were cooped up long enough to appreciate the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Blasts of chilly air and early nights left us stuck inside throughout the winter and spring, but the moment has come to get outside and spend time in nature.

If you’re still embracing a WFH situation, why not take your typing and “replying all” outside? Working from home does come with its perks, and the opportunity to take your office setup outdoors this summer is definitely one of them.

"Having even a small change in scenery can ignite creativity and invite new thinking," explains Beth Diana Smith, interior designer and HomeGoods Style Expert tells MyDomaine. "However, it’s important to maintain your work/life balance, so be sure to carve out separate seating areas for productivity and relaxation."

Read on for a few tips to help you relocate your daily dose of screen time to the great outdoors and create a productive space to spend your day—anything’s better than your uncomfy desk chair, am I right?

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Define Your Space

Beautiful outdoor patio with blue outdoor couch and hanging chair.

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The first step to being able to work outdoors is establishing an outdoor space you actually want to work in. Dirty and dingy outdoor furniture is not going to get your creative juices flowing, so pick up some outdoor pieces that will define the space as an extension of your home. We adore this outdoor setup that boasts plenty of places to sit and get comfy—plus, how cute is that hanging chair?

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Get Comfy

Outdoor nook with daybed and plants.


On that note, a big reason not to work outside is a lack of comfort. Without a place to get comfy, you'll be more inspired to turn around and get back to your desk. Add a soft seat to get your work done on and accessories to help you stay productive, such as a tray, side table, and plenty of plants to boost your mood.

"Transforming an outdoor space into a work-friendly area does not have to be a huge or expensive lift," Smith explains. "Focus on finding a few core pieces: comfortable seating, a desk or table, and an umbrella for shade."

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Use Your Dining Table as a Desk

Fun outdoor dining table with tiki umbrella.


If you're used to working at a physical desk, recreate that comfort outside on an outdoor dining table. Ensure your chairs are comfortable enough to work on for a few hours and that the table is at a good height for your computer.

Working at a larger table gives you the opportunity to keep items nearby that you might need, like a drink, snack, portable speaker, and more.

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Have Multiple Seating Options

Folding outdoor lounge chair with crate as side table.


Sometimes, all it takes is a change of scenery to develop a productive mindset. Have a go-to spot in your yard that feels peaceful, and take your laptop out there when your indoor office gets a bit boring. This little lounge setup is the perfect place to enjoy nature, hone in, focus, or even take a lengthy break—we all need them.

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Take Cover

Outdoor wooden pergola with floating sofa underneath.

Kirsten Diane

Wherever you choose to establish an outdoor work setup, ensure it has the potential for shade. The last thing you want is to be baking in the sun while focusing on creating a big presentation, and plus, your computer screen will render itself useless against the bright sunlight.

"To create a productive WFO space, shade is a priority," interior designer and HomeGoods Style Expert Jenny Reimold tells MyDomaine. Direct sunlight on computer screens and smart phones can be damaging and can cause eye strain due to glare. For a permanent or semi-permanent option, consider a pergola kit or a whitewashed, weatherproof wooden table."

There are plenty of ways to stay productive and catch some sun this summer. Take your computer outside, breathe in the fresh air, and get started on a new project in a chic outdoor space.