These Outdoor Workouts Are So Fun You'll Forget You're Burning Calories

Summer certainly has a way of jump-starting new health kicks and encouraging an active lifestyle. Why sit inside when you could be running, swimming, and hiking? Besides the obvious health benefits, finding active outdoor hobbies can seriously impact your mood. "Heading out into nature for a workout forces you to focus on your own breath and body," explains Ely Khakshouri, founder and CEO of Westridge Outdoors. "You go at your pace, push yourself when you can, and hold off when you can't. It results in a better workout overall," he says.

Nature can also create additional obstacles that wouldn't face in a typical gym setting. "Nature is variable and unpredictable," says Khakshouri. Unexpected changes and weather can thwart a typical workout, but they can also allow you to work new muscles and be more in the moment. Not sure where to begin? Be inspired by these 24 outdoor workouts that will serve as a welcome break from your standard gym routine.