How to Outsmart the 3-Year Lifespan of Apple Products

Chances are you've had more than a couple MacBooks and other Apple products throughout your lifetime. No matter how many Genius Bar appointments we have to make for faulty mouse pads, overstuffed memories, or other dire dilemmas, we always seem to come crawling back through the glass doors of an Apple retailer.

If you’re as loyal a MacBook user as we are, you might be aware that Apple designs its computers to self-destruct after three to five years of use. It’s a very clever marketing ploy—what better way to ensure repeat customers than by giving them an incredible but completely unsustainable product? But the MacBook life cycle is not very well suited toward our frantically busy and overly digital lives. In pursuit of fewer errands and a more efficient desktop, we’ve researched some of the best ways to outsmart the short lifespan of a MacBook, or at least extend it a little. Read on for our simple yet surprising tips to keep your Apple computer in tip-top shape.