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14 Over the Toilet Storage Ideas That Are Actually Chic

over the toilet storage

Cathie Hong Interiors

The space above your toilet is good for more than just a vase, a roll of toilet paper, or a haphazardly-placed candle. Instead, with the help of some cabinetry, shelving, and baskets, it can become a place to store extra bathroom items, show off decor, and show off your style. Keep reading to get inspired for your own space with our favorite over the toilet storage ideas.

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Use All The Vertical Space You Can

over the toilet storage high shelves

Erin Williamson Design

Vertical space in the bathroom is more than just the space above the vanity, and it's more than the couple of feet above the toilet too. Instead, vertical space goes all the way to the ceiling. Take advantage of it by hanging art and placing your shelves higher than you're used to.

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Stick With the Classics

over the toilet storage wood floating shelves

Reena Sotopra

Wood floating shelves are tried-and-true standbys for a reason—they fit in with nearly every decor style, they look nice, and they're sturdy. Use them for over the toilet storage when you want storage that complements existing decor, rather than detracting from it.

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Implement Minimalist Touches

over the toilet storage minimalist

arbor & co

Looking for storage that will blend in, rather than stand out? Try out some storage that's the same color as your wall. It will need to be fairly smooth (i.e. not wicker or wood), but if it's done right, you'll have a sleek, minimalist, and useful over the toilet storage solution.

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Go for Glass

over the toilet storage glass shelves

Reena Sotropa

For an over-the-toilet storage solution that occupies as little visual space as possible, use glass shelving. Not only do these see-through shelves fit in nearly anywhere, they also create interesting shadows and reflections.

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Try Out Brass

over the toilet storage brass

Jessica Nelson Design

There's no question about it: brass is having a moment in our homes. But that brassy look we've come to love doesn't need to stop in the kitchen—it can fit in the bathroom too. Pair brass shelving above the toilet with brass-framed mirrors for a luxe vintage look.

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Keep It Simple

over the toilet storage simple

Desiree Burns Interiors

You don't need to keep much stored over your toilet—sometimes it's just a candle, some greenery, and a few spare linens. So, if space is tight (or you prefer a less-is-best look), use only one shelf above your toilet. And since there's just one, make sure it coordinates well with the other finishes in your bathroom.

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Go Long and Narrow

over the toilet storage long and narrow

arbor & co

Over the toilet storage can sometimes look odd if it's too wide or too short. Make the most out of the space by using long and narrow storage, like a set of tall and skinny shelves. You'll get more use out of the space and your storage will look proportionate too.

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Consider Classic Black

over the toilet storage black

Cathie Hong Interiors

Black accents are a flawless finish nearly anywhere in the home, especially in the bathroom. Narrow matte black storage above the toilet fits in well alongside black bathroom hardware and faucets. Plus, the eye-catching look of this seminal hue provides strong linear visual interest to a smaller space.

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Bring in Retro

over the toilet shelving retro

Desiree Burns Interiors

It's important to remember that when looking for over-the-toilet storage, it doesn't have to be labeled as such. Instead, you can repurpose other shelving or storage items, like the retro shelves above.

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Use Shelves to Show Off Decor

over the toilet storage picture ledge

Laquita Tate

Your over the toilet storage doesn't need to be entirely for practical purposes, like storing your toiletries—you can use them to display your decor too. Just remember that a little decor goes a long way in a small space, so keep it simple.

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Don't Forget Wicker

over the toilet storage wicker

JC Design

Trying to create a boho or farmhouse vibe in your primary bath? Use wicker over the toilet storage. Wicker brings earthy, au naturel texture to your space and pairs well with other lightly-colored wood elements. Bonus: you can find wicker shelving and storage at nearly any thrift store.

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Use a Ladder (Shelf)

over the toilet storage ladder

ABH Designs LLC

A ladder shelf can be the perfect minimal-effort storage solution for the space above your toilet. It doesn't require pre-drilling holes or making shelves level—all you need to do is place the ladder over your toilet.

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Install a Cabinet

over the toilet storage cabinet

Arbor & Co

Not keen on displaying all your bathroom stuff on open shelving? Try installing a cabinet instead—you'll be able to place your items behind a closed door, and you'll get more storage out of it too. You can even use a mirror-front cabinet to create extra get-ready space too.

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Don't Forget Baskets

over the toilet storage baskets

arbor & co

When it comes to over the toilet storage, baskets are your friend. They keep things in place, they're easy to move, and they bring style to an oft-forgotten room. Place baskets on top of shelving or the toilet for toilet paper, extra linens or extra toiletries.