PSA: These Décor Trends Are Out (But Here Are 10 We Can't Get Enough Of)

Updated 07/13/18
Overdone Décor Trends
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Just as every season it's hard to resist the latest fashion trends that arise—lolita sunglasses, smocked tops, and ugly sneakers included—it's difficult to decorate while completely ignoring the interior trends that are all around us. After all, where should we gather inspiration if not from our favorite décor stores, magazines, websites, and Instagram accounts, all boasting the same marble accessories and fiddle-leaf figs?

While we love applying the 80/20 rule when it comes to introducing trends in our homes—80% should be timeless while 20% can be fun, trendy accessories—we always prefer looking forward to the next big tendencies rather than jumping on the overdone décor trends that have already been making the rounds for years. Are you with us? Time to retire your Shibori pillows and Beni Ourain rugs, these hot new trends are on the rise.

Retire Shibori Pillows; Try African Tribal Pillows

Jayson Home African Tribal Pillows $175

Though we'll always love Shibori—the blue-and-white tie-dye pattern all over pillows everywhere—it might be time to retire the pattern and make space for these beautiful African tribal pillows featuring bright, bold stripes.

Retire Marble; Try Terrazzo

Carly Jo Morgan Serpentine Heart Song Lamp $3100

In a way, marble will never go out of style. But we're happy to see other materials like terrazzo and travertine make a comeback in our homes and accessories.

Retire Midcentury; Try Art Deco

Ralph Lauren Home Venetian Oversize Wall Mirror $7340

Midcentury has overtaken our homes, and for good reason. The 1950s redefined modern design in more ways than one. But while we take a small break from teak everything, can we revisit the opulent grandeur of the art deco period?

Retire Edison Bulbs; Try Paper Lanterns

New Works Lantern Pendant Light $295

It's possible we have seen enough exposed bulbs to last a lifetime, so these days, we're turning to the relaxing vibes of paper lanterns made famous by Isamu Noguchi.

Retire Millennial Pink; Try Gen Z Yellow

Antwerp 89
West Elm Antwerp Sofa $1599 $1119

Yes, Millennial Pink has come and gone, but don't despair—Gen Z Yellow is here to take its place. How do you feel about introducing the bright hue into your home?

Retire Brass; Try Black Metals

Arched Metal Framed Mirror
Rejuvenation Arched Metal Framed Mirror $399

In recent years, brass has overtaken our homes in favor of chrome and nickel, but moving forward, it's all about black metals that provide an understated sleek look.

Retire Fiddle-Leaf Figs; Try Schefflera Amates

Greenery NYC Schefflera Amate $390

We love fiddle-leaf figs, but they're impossible to keep alive. The solution? How about a Schefflera Amate, which is one of the most tolerant plants in low-light conditions?

Retire Beni Ourain Rugs; Try Oushak Rugs

Jayson Home Vintage Oushak Rug $7495

If you can't be bothered picking up any more crumbs out of your shaggy Beni Ourain, try a vintage low-pile Oushak rug instead. Its uneven faded nature means it'll hide most scuffs and marks, and it's easy to maintain.

Retire Open Shelving; Try Seamless Cabinets

Asplund Kilt Light Cabinet $4995

If you, too, have come to the conclusion that open shelving is prettier than it is practical, how about trying seamless cabinets instead? We predict it will be the most popular kitchen cabinet style in the years to come.

Retire Subway Tiles; Try Zellige Tiles

Clé Tile Shattered Pearl Zellige Tile $21

Subway tiles will always be a timeless classic, but for something a little more original, we suggest Zellige tiles, which are made of Moroccan glaze and are full of texture and personality.

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