Are These Classic Trends on the Verge of Extinction?

The other night, while enjoying an episode of a renovation show on HGTV, the designer was going over his plans for the featured couple’s new kitchen, and my fiancé (who has recently taken a real shine to HGTV) hit pause and turned to me. “Let’s guess,” he said. “I bet they will take down that wall and make it an open space, install a white subway tile backsplash, and put in an oversize reclaimed-wood island and industrial lights.” When he pressed play and the episode rolled on, lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.

My fiancé was proud of himself, but I was concerned. I’m still into subway tile; it’s classic, right? Same with reclaimed wood—the ultimate sustainable material. And industrial fixtures are great for adding patina and interest to a more refined space. Yet have we come to a place where these seemingly timeless design choices now feel so expected that they’ve lost their appeal?

It’s hard to flip through a shelter magazine or scroll through Pinterest without seeing many similar looks in countless rooms and homes. With our increasingly connected society, ideas and inspiration are shared so freely that many find themselves being drawn to the same sorts of spaces. Therefore, we’re exposed to these timeless looks again and again, which begs the question: Will we soon be burned out? Don’t get me wrong—I love all of the below looks (I have the majority in my own home—nine out of 11, in fact), but are they on the verge of extinction from overexposure? Take a peek below and sound out in the comments.