Less Obvious (But Common) Causes of Divorce

Not all couples who call it quits have the usual suspects—finances, fights, and trust issues—to blame. It happens that there are many overlooked (and sometimes even surprising) common causes for divorce. The Huffington Post recently shared some of the less obvious reasons couples split, and we're revealing a few of the top sources of contention that lead couples to divorce below.

1. You let family members get in the middle. You're expected to embrace and respect your significant other's family, but there's a fine line when it comes to their involvement in your marriage. Meddling family members can lead to trouble, as most people feel the need to defend and protect their loved ones' opinions. This can be avoided by putting your partner's thoughts and feelings first. You can still be open to your family's advice without allowing them to come between you and your partner.

2. You never argue. While fighting too often is a common cause of divorce, not arguing enough could also be the sign of a problem. Though conflict in a relationship is never welcomed, it can be a chance to work out pent-up issues the two of you are having. A healthy argument can also serve as an opportunity to better understand your partner and see how you can compromise to avoid an issue in the future.

3. You're together but separate. Sharing a connection goes beyond simply spending time together. When being with your significant other causes you to feel even more distant, it can take a serious toll on the relationship. You have to be truly present with your partner to have a successful marriage. Give eye contact, take a vested interest, and show them you care to avoid irreparable damage. 

4. You can't handle time away from each other. In healthy relationships, couples know how to manage their time apart, knowing that it could make their marriage even stronger. When couples resent recognizing and considering the wants and needs of their partners, negotiating time apart can turn into an issue.

Do you know of another overlooked topic that could be the cause of divorce? Let us know, and if you're interested in reading more about avoiding these issues, pick up a copy of Ann Patchett's This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage.