We Didn't Expect This—The Top 5 Trends of 2019 Have Put an End to Minimalism

When I started at MyDomaine four years ago, the minimal, Scandinavian look reigned supreme. It was simple, neutral, and highly curated. But oh, how things have changed. We started seeing bright jewel tones emerge in 2016. Then at the beginning of 2017, the pendulum began to shift and traditionalist interiors were popping up everywhere. Emily Henderson coined it "updated traditional" when she revealed the stunning kitchen from her Portland project. 

Last year, velvet chairs and sofas in poppy hues became popular and people were moving towards a more eclectic, maximalist approach—paint colors took another bold turn. Now, with the help of Overstock, MyDomaine predicts design trends to go in an even more dramatic direction with bold colors, curvy shapes, geometric themes, playful patterns, and matte black taking center stage.

Yes, the stripped-back, clean and minimal aesthetic will always be classic, but it's exciting to see us break away from the tried and tested towards a rule-breaking, personalized, and authentic attitude to interior design. This year it's all about having fun and creating a space that is uniquely you. But, of course, playing with pattern and color can be daunting, so to help you along, I chose some products within each trend that feature the fresh, new colors and patterns but remain timeless in their shapes and designs. Happy decorating!