This Mussels Poutine Will Rock Your World

If you haven’t tried poutine, you’re missing out, my friends. A dish originating in Quebec, it’s a diner and pub favorite made with french fries and topped with gravy and cheese curds. And it’s totally indulgent. Though in Canada it’s sold in “greasy spoon” type locations (and even in McDonald’s and Wendy’s), U.S. chefs are beginning to create elevated twists on the Canadian favorite.

I recently visited new modern-American restaurant Ox & Son in Santa Monica, Calif. and was thrilled to discover mussels poutine on the menu. Raised by a Chicago-based butcher (his father is Gary “Ox” Miller), executive chef and partner Brad Miller is an expert on all sorts of cuts, so naturally he found a way to work some meat (chorizo) into the dish. His combination of thick-cut fries, chorizo, mussels, Cotjia cheese, and dill is like no poutine I’ve ever tasted. It’s something to write home about.

I would highly recommend stopping in if you ever find yourself in L.A., but until then, you should certainly make it at home. Enjoy Miller’s recipe below!

Mussels and Tomato Chorizo Poutine


7 oz. fresh Kennebec potato, sliced into thick fries

4 oz. tomato sauce mixed with mussel cooking liquid reserved from mussels

2 oz. beef chorizo

12 large PEI mussels, cooked with white wine garlic and shallots and strained liquid reserved (clean mussels thoroughly and discard shells)

2 oz. Cotija cheese, crumbled

6 dill frawns



Fry french potatoes in 375° oil until crisp. Season fries and place in a medium bowl.

Heat up the chorizo in a pot and cook through. Then add the reserved mussel liquid and reduce by half. Add the tomato sauce and mussels and bring to a simmer. Pour mixture over fries and top with Cotija cheese and dill. Serve hot.

Have you ever made poutine? What are your favorite toppings? Share below!