7 Practical Packing Tips For Your Long Weekend Escape

Updated 06/20/19
Andi Csinger

When packing for a long weekend, we generally have the best intentions when we opt for a weekender tote over a suitcase (for both judgement and potential baggage fees), but then there's the panic moment packing when you realise you haven't got enough room for every possible activity, occasion and weather forecast. That's where strategic packing comes in. Whether you’re cruising down the coast for a beach-side retreat, escaping to the country or exploring a new city, the truth is you can get through the weekend with minimal baggage and still look stylish.

It all begins with acknowledging you only need to take one of the 20 grey tees living in your wardrobe and... 

Make a List. It may seem unnecessary just for a long weekend, but making a packing list helps you to differentiate between what's necessary and what's not. Write down exactly what items you’d ideally like to take.

Quick Tip

The number of tops you want to bring probably shouldn't exceed the number of days you'll be away. Ignore the natural urge to add any extra items at the last minute—no final browses through the wardrobe, please!

Roll your clothes. Roll, roll, roll—you'll be surprised how much room you'll save (or should we say, how much more you can fit in!) by rolling instead of folding and laying flat. Place rolled items at the bottom of your bag, with dressier attire—that needs to remain as crinkle-free as possible—folded on top. Another gem: stylist Romy Frydman told The File she sprays Evian on her clothes to get the little creases out.

Think Layers. Taking a mix, but only one of each! Think in styles—button-up shirts, tees, singlets and jackets. This will not only give you multiple outfit combinations, but you’ll be prepared for rain, hail or shine. Or even a sneaky date!

Opt for Multi-Functionality. Give priority to items that serve more than one purpose: trainers that can double as a casual shoe, a beach towel that can be used as a blanket, a versatile day-to-night dress. Who doesn't love a two-in-one? 

Select a Colour Scheme. A great way to limit the number of items is to select a colour scheme. This reduces unnecessary repeats of clothing items, plus it means you’re able to mix and match everything in your bag. Choose your colour scheme by using your essential long weekend shoes as an anchor. 

Go Mini. Invest in miniature-sized travel items where possible—hair dryer, hair straightener and toiletries—to save on space and weight while potentially creating extra room for one more pair of heels. Yes! 

Pack Ahead. Unsurprisingly, if you pack at least one day prior to your departure, it’ll reduce the likelihood of taking unnecessary items. The key? Be organised. 

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