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10 Paint Color Apps That Make Decorating a Breeze

colorful living room with green and pink colors

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Painting is one of those projects that entails a serious leap of faith. If you ask us, it's near impossible to visualize an entire room (or the outside of your whole house, for that matter) just by looking at a two-by-two inch paint chip. Even then, when you finally decide on a color, you never really know what it looks like until it's done and dry. By that point, you're two layers in, and out gallons of paint plus wasted days of work. In the end, whether you like it or not, the color stays. 

Luckily, painting in the 21st century doesn't have to be so risky. It's the digital age, and your app store is bursting at the seams with downloads designed to make your painting process completely seamless.

From apps that let you digitally paint your room with the snap of a photo to creating color palettes in the palm of your hand, here are the 10 best painting apps you'll need for your next project, plus some colors to get you started.

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Paint My Place

Currently available on Android, iPhone, and iPad, Paint My Place is both brilliant and easy to use, making small and large projects alike feel like a breeze. Start by taking a photo of a wall, room, or the outside of your house, select a paint color from the built-in database of brand name colors. The app will digitally impose that color onto your walls, giving you an instant preview of your selected color. And get this: You can share photos from the app directly to social media. So if you're the indecisive type (honestly, same), you can get instant feedback from your followers and ensure you make the right choice every time. 

Try this shade:

Benjamin Moore's Iceberg
Benjamin Moore Iceberg N/A
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ProjectColor by The Home Depot

This free app is a game-changer in the home-decor space with its virtual-reality type "live view." Pan around the room to see your space in a new color of your choice. You can even paint different walls different colors at the same time. Additionally, ProjectColor is loaded with tons of inspiration via Pinterest and suggests trending paint colors. The color-matching technology allows you to take or upload a photo from your camera roll and use the color-picker to find the closest Home Depot paint color match.

Try this shade:

Sherwin-Williams' Saguaro
Sherwin-Williams Saguaro N/A
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Home Harmony

Just like the others, you can pick from a library of multiple paint brands and real colors to make shopping for the perfect shade a cinch. But if you love the virtual-reality type view, Home Harmony allows you to test different colors in real time as you scan the room. To make sure the paint-picking process is as accurate as possible, though, the app allows you to see the color in different lighting conditions, like cool-toned LED or natural lighting.

When you pick your perfect shade, you can hire a painter directly from the app.

Try this shade:

Behr Silent Sands
Behr Silent Sands $31.00
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Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap

A dream for professionals like interior designers or contractors, Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap makes color matching easier and more accurate than ever. With the paired device, you can shade match your walls to anything from furniture to plants, textiles, and even fashion accessories. After picking your desired shade, the app will suggest coordinating colors to make the design process completely effortless. Save projects by client or room name in the app, and toggle between them as needed. ColorSnap is free for iOS and Android, but the device is sold separately

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Behr's Everything's Rosy
Behr Everything's Rosy $25.00
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Dulux Visualizer

This app takes augmented reality technology and shareability to the next level. You can take a video of a room and change wall colors as the video is playing. Then, save the video directly in the app and share with friends, who can edit and send their suggestions back to you. You can order paint directly on Dulux Visualizer and have it delivered to your door! Available on iOS and Android.

Try this shade:

Benjamin Moore's Wish
Benjamin Moore Wish N/A
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Benjamin Moore Color Capture

If you're the type to find inspiration in interesting places, say, in the garden, in your cup of morning coffee, or your closet, this app helps bring your vision to life. Snap a photo of your inspiration and Color Capture will translate it into a workable color palette with coordinating Benjamin Moore paint shades. Although it doesn't allow you to test the look of colors on your walls, it makes the design process feel extra creative.

Try this shade:

Benjamin Moore's Etruscan
Benjamin Moore Etruscan N/A
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If you like the convenience of ordering on Amazon, this is the app for you. Take a photo of a room, and select a color family you want to work with. For instance, if you pick blue, the ColorPic app will suggest shades in the blue color family by Prestige. After you've tried them on for size via your photo and then decided on a color, you can purchase it from Amazon directly from the app. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Try this shade:

Benjamin Moore's Night Shade
Benjamin Moore Night Shade N/A
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Color Muse

For the perpetual trend chaser, Color Muse makes it easy to keep your home décor up to date at all times. In the app, you can search for colors by industry, such as fashion or beauty, and use the color picker tool to swatch a shade. Color Muse will suggest a paint color that matches. Finally, once you decide on a hue, you can compare colors side by side. However, if you need inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, the app offers a library of room photos that can be saved for reference. And just like Sherwin Williams ColorSnap, Color Muse sells a device that makes shade matching super accurate.

Try this shade:

Farrow and Ball's Stiffkey Blue
Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue N/A
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Valspar Color Wand

Free for iOS and on the Apple Play Store, Valspar Color Wand allows you to cross reference colors between brands and materials, ensuring you make the right decision every time. The built-in Valspar scanning technology allows you to instantly color match paint, carpet, flooring, tile, apparel, and accessories. When you're ready, take your palette straight to the store for easy pick-up. 

Try this shade:

benjamin moore's White Dove
Benjamin Moore White Dove N/A
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Paint Tester

If you're looking to get a job done quick (and right), the Paint Tester app is what you need. The free app allows you to select a color, virtually test it on your walls, and order it from participating retailers all in one sitting. But no worries—you can always upgrade to Paint Tester Pro for $2.99 to remove ads and gain access to improved color matching. Paint Tester is available for iOS and Android. 

Try this shade:

Benjamin Moore's Moonshine
Benjamin Moore Moonshine N/A