The Color You Should Paint Your Bedroom, According to Your Zodiac Sign

pink ceiling
Alyssa Rosenheck for Domino ; DESIGN: by Elsie Larson

When decorating a home, the sheer amount of options can feel overwhelming rather than motivating (especially if you're still honing your personal interior design style). Considering that we openly consult the zodiac for anything from engagement ring styles to matters of romantic compatibility, why not look to the stars when it comes to interior decorating? The minds over at Elle Decor have done just that, matching an interior paint color to each of the 12 astrological signs. Here are their matches.

The Best Bedroom Color for Your Zodiac Sign
Michela Buttignol/MyDomaine 

Capricorn: Gray

Practical, intelligent, and organized, those born between December 22 and January 19 should go with a rich gray color in their home. "This neutral hue is the perfect, timeless choice for you," writes Elle Decor. "It's hard to get right, but we know you can sift through the choices and find the perfect one."

Aquarius: Orange

A bit unorthodox, Aquarians are usually of the artistic sort and need a paint color that speaks to their offbeat nature. "A true original, you see the virtues of the things others shy away from. Like orange!" they write. "This citrus-y hue is just as unique as you are."

Pisces: Blue

A true water sign, those born between February 19 and March 20 will enjoy a gentle, calming hue that suits their imaginative, sensitive nature. "Your choice of blue tends to be a little darker and cozier, which recedes into the background and keeps your mind distraction free."

Aries: Pink

One of the most confident signs of the bunch, the color pink complements your adventurous, dynamic spirit perfectly. "Like you, pink holds its own in a space."

Taurus: Black

Headstrong, generous, and a little stubborn, Taurians are well-suited to the color black. "Your appreciation for beauty and luxury makes you a trend-setter, which is why black suits you so well." writes Elle Decor. "It's fashion-forward and as bold as you are."

Gemini: Yellow 

Lively and imaginative, the twin sign is as vibrant as the sun itself. "Sunny yellows perfectly suit such a social butterfly!" Writes ED.

Geminis should pick yellow as it is as flexible and creative as they are. The accessorizing options are almost endless.

Cancer: Light Blue

Similar to Pisces, Cancers are sensitive souls who need calmness and self-expression. "Light blue has a nurturing vibe that helps you recharge, without ever feeling like an overwhelming choice."

Leo: Purple

The drama queens of the group, gregarious Leos have a star presence and are natural-born leaders. "Purple, the color of royalty, suits you just fine," writes Elle Decor.

Virgo: Cream

Intelligent, analytical, and intuitive, Virgos are the type of people "who can actually see the difference between twenty shades of cream," making the color perfectly suited to this practical earth sign.

Libra: Green

As natural introverts, Libras seek balance, harmony, and stability in their lives. "Shades of green speak to you—they represent harmony."

Scorpio: Red

Related to a solar animal, Scorpios are bold, intuitive, and passionate in all aspects of life. "Red suits this aspect of your personality, but also represents your ability to commit to a choice."

Sagittarius: Chocolate

As a bit of an intellectual, you're usually the dynamic problem-solver of the group. "Chocolate brown has an intensity that complements this aspect while also helping you achieve calm."