The Best Paint Color for You, Based on Your Personality

Bedroom with blue and beige hues

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Even with all the tools at your disposal, picking the perfect shade of paint is no easy task. There are just so many options. That's why Sherwin-Williams created a service to help people discover the paint palette that's right for them, based on their personality. ColorSnap Color ID features eight personality-based color palettes carefully designed to make the paint selection process easier than ever.

"Everyone wants their home to feel personal, but when it comes to expressing themselves through paint color, making a decision can feel overwhelming—especially for less-experienced DIYers," notes Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, in a press release. "Color ID helps these aspiring decorators confidently find the colors that move them, build a palette that feels personalized, and watch as their house transforms into a home."

To try the new service for yourself, visit a local Sherwin-Williams store, or take a quiz online that prompts you to indicate design preferences when it comes to things like coffee tables, wall décor, and even how you might handle a scuff on the floor.

Based on your answers, Color ID determines which of the eight new palettes is the best fit for you, including Creative, Dreamer, Enthusiast, Free Spirit, Minimalist, Naturalist, Nurturer, and Trendsetter. Each contains 16 colors selected by Sherwin-Williams experts. With a myriad of possible color combinations, the curated palettes allow you to express your individual personality through your home décor.

Keep scrolling to take a look at each of the eight color palettes, and then head to Sherwin-Williams to take the quiz and find out which paints are the best fit for you.

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Black and white bedroom

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

"The Creative is a unique and inventive seeker of possibilities," according to Sherwin-Williams. Their paint experts suspect that, if this is your personality type, you'll connect with the blues, grays, and neutral colors included in this palette.

Creative paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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White modern living room

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

The paint brand describes the Dreamer as "calm, optimistic, and brimming with hope." That translates to a paint palette consisting of mostly neutral hues along with a few pops of pink and blue. The goal is "to encourage Dreamers to breathe deeply and enjoy the moment," according to Sherwin-Williams.

Dreamer paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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Mid-Century Modern dining room

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

With a color palette of deep olive green, burgundy red, and mustard yellow, the team at Sherwin-Williams aims to reflect the passionate soul of the Enthusiast. They describe this personality type as someone who is open-minded and eagerly immerses themselves in everything they do.

Enthusiast paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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Free Spirit

Contemporary eclectic bedroom

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams 

"Free Spirits are unique and daring, walking to the beat of their own drum," according to Sherwin-Williams. In order to connect to this personality type's worldly nature, the paint pros have developed a palette featuring blues, greens, tans, and pinks.

Free Spirit paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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Blue and beige bedroom

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

For the Minimalist, Sherwin-Williams suggests a palette of light blues and understated neutrals. It was designed to help this personality type "make their home an uncluttered retreat in which they can relax and be themselves."

Minimalist paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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Green living room

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams 

According to Sherwin-Williams, the Naturalist is someone who thrives in the outdoors. With this in mind, their color experts designed a paint palette of blues, greens, and yellows meant to bring the peaceful nature of the outdoors into your home.

Naturalist paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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Transitional living room

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

"The Nurturer is compassionate and caring, making them a natural and openhearted host," Sherwin-Williams notes. For this personality type, the paint experts created a color palette using warm neutrals like beige and sage green for an inviting, calm environment.

Nurturer paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams
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Contemporary living room with pink couch

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

In order to match the confidence of a Trendsetter, this color palette features bolder hues. Think trendy pinks and greens that only those who tend to be ahead of the next big thing would turn to for their interiors.

Trendsetter paint color palette
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams