These Were the Biggest Paint Color Trends of 2018

Updated 10/04/19
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For the first time in the history of PPG Paints, the company picked black as its color of the year for 2018. While we can agree that the world can feel pretty gloomy at times, PPG had a different vision behind the unique (and unexpected) color choice. "Black creates the silence we crave in an information-heavy world, while the Indigo [undertones] offers possibility and a deep hopefulness," said senior color marketing manager, Dee Schlotter, at the time of the announcement. PPG's other paint color trends for 2018 were also dark and moody.

The color of the year, named Black Flame, wasn't meant to simply remind us that the world seemed a little dark in 2018; "It also signifies a rebirth," said Schlotter. "It has the unique ability to take away weakness in a space, and allow for regeneration to make it even stronger.”

PPG's other trending colors created almost a twilight color palette, with dark blues, greens, and charcoal tones paired with warm golden yellows and muted pinks. Clearly, warm neutrals continued to thrive in 2018. Sherwin-Williams also predicted a mix of dark charcoal tones paired with warm neutral hues with its Sincerity palette, released as part of its 2018 Colormix Forecast. "Blending in is the new standing out. Flaws are treasured. The hushed tones of this score play out in sand, complex grays, and hazy botanicals," the company announced with the palette launch.

PPG Color of the Year 2018

PPG Paints Black Flame
PPG Paints Black Flame $37

If you want to experiment with the statement-making black paint trend, pick up PPG's Black Flame. It's a cool, dark black with a royal blue undertone. Pair it with white trim to contrast.

Shop More Trending Colors from 2018

PPG Paints Charcoal Smoke
PPG Paints Charcoal Smoke $35

Charcoal smoke is not quite gray, not quite green, but a little mix of both. It would look incredible on kitchen cabinets—especially when paired with gold hardware.

PPG Paints Suntan
PPG Paints Suntan $103

If you want to incorporate pink but fear it'll look too childish, try out Suntan. The paint is a muted, rusty orange with a copper undertone. It pairs well with deep browns.

PPG Paints It Works
PPG Paints It Works $35

This deep muted yellow has a lemon undertone. If you've got a lot of warm stone and wood in your house, this will go perfectly.

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