10 Best Colors That Go with Gray, According to Experts

Colors that go with Gray

Michelle Gage


At first, glance, pairing colors together might seem easy, but it's a delicate art that can take decades to perfect—just ask any interior designer. The easiest, of course, is to start with neutral tones, but even these have intricacies that can be hard to get right. While it's true that gray paint colors typically pair well with anything, some hues are more suited together than others. Much of this science has to do with undertones and shades, which can both help inform your decision when picking a paint color or accessories for your home.

Are you looking for the perfect tone to complement your charcoal walls or your gunmetal sofa? Here are ten great colors that go with gray, courtesy of paint experts and designers.

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Clare Two Scoops

Colors That Go With Gray — Green
Courtesy of Tali Roth

With cool mid-tone grays that have blue undertones, consider cool green hues like fresh pistachio, light olive, or even a soft turquoise. Cool colors typically pair well with other cool colors. Following this rule will always help you make the right paint color choice.

Clare Two Scoops
Clare Two Scoops $49
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Backdrop Self Portrait

Backdrop - Self Portrait


Pink and gray have always been a popular color combination. The contrasting hues play off each other well and create a balance between the more serious gray shades and the playful pink hues. For a more sophisticated take on this combo, try a burgundy with hints of brown and gray undertones.  

Backdrop Self Portrait
Backdrop Self Portrait $59
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Backdrop Modern Love

Backdrop - Self Portrait


Dark gray hues typically pair well with pastels. For instance, try pairing warmer charcoal with a soft blush for an elegant feel. Just remember to add in a few light ivory tones to balance everything out. 

Backdrop Modern Love
Backdrop Modern Love $59
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Clare Blackest

Clare - Blackest

Courtesy of Clare

If you're a diehard color-averse, black, white, and gray are your best color options to create a beautiful, striking contrast in your space. When using this combination, just be mindful of also adding in a few warmer tones like sand, chocolate brown, and taupe, to warm up the space. 

Clare Blackest
Clare Blackest $49
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Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin

Benjamin Moore - Silver Marlin

 Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

"This pale, slightly-green gray is tranquil and elegant," says Andrea Magno, a color and design expert at Benjamin Moore. She recommends using Silver Marlin in a living room, bedroom, or bathroom. For a monochromatic look, accessorize in varying shades of gray.

North-facing rooms don't get a significant amount of natural light, so a cool gray paint color will make it feel more cold. In this case, opt for a warm gray paint color.

Benjamin Moore - Silver Marlin
Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin $11
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Backdrop Tanlines

Backdrop - tanlines


Rich jewel tones look fantastic against dark grays—and a great example of this is the room above by interior designer Tali Roth. In it, dark gray walls and trims serve as the perfect backdrop for linen bedding in rich shades of mustard and plum. The marigold hues lighten the space while still making it feel sophisticated.

Backdrop Tanlines
Backdrop Tanlines $59
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Farrow & Ball Elephant's Breath

Farrow & Ball - Elephants Breath

 Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Emma Beryl swears by Farrow & Ball’s infamous shade, Elephant Breath. “It brings a rich sense of warmth to a space, but its gray undertones feel totally new and fresh,” she says. Renowned for its original inception by sought after British designer John Fowler, this taupe has made its way to bedrooms the world over. “It is the most perfect neutral taupe with a magenta undertone,” adds Decorist designer Jessica McCarthy, noting its earthy, yet romantic impact.

Farrow & Ball - Elephants Breath
Farrow & Ball Elephant's Breath $110
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Behr Looking Glass

Behr - Looking Glass

 Courtesy of Behr

White shades may seem similar, but they look vastly different once painted on your walls. "If you choose a shade with the wrong undertone for your lighting and space, instead of feeling airy and bright, it could end up looking dingy, cold or dusty." says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. 

A white with gray undertones is ideal for spaces with a lot of natural light.

Behr Looking Glass $44
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Benjamin Moore Key West Ivory

gray rooms
Studio Ashby

"I love using earthly ochre such as taupe to create a calm atmosphere in a room," says London designer Sophie Ashby. Here, a neutral tan paint color contrasts with a lighter gray wall to give dimension to this living room.

Benjamin Moore - Key West Ivory
Benjamin Moore Key West Ivory $43
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Benjamin Moore Decorator's White

White Living Room Paint

Studio McGee

When in doubt, go with a crisp and clean white. "Paint color sets the tone of the space," says Utah-based interior designer Shea McGee. "A fresh white will make most spaces feel clean and updated instantly." This small living room looks light and refreshed thanks to the white paint color and large windows, which both make the space appear quite large.

Benjamin Moore - Decorator's White
Benjamin Moore Decorator's White $43

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