14 Rooms That Might Convince You To Paint Your Brick Walls

Grab a roller.

Living room with painted white brick walls

Alexandra Ribar; DESIGN: Leanne Ford 

This might be an unpopular opinion, but we here at MyDomaine believe that exposed brick walls may have run their course. As industrial-inspired design wanes in popularity and hallmarks of the style fall out of favor with the design set, we're ready to join our favorite interior designers in bidding farewell to exposed brick walls and embracing painted brick interiors instead.

"Painted brick is, and will always be, beautiful," says interior designer Leanne Ford, who just so happens to specialize in all-white interiors that often feature painted white brick walls. "It allows for the texture and charm of the brick to come through but doesn’t mess with whatever color story you are working with," explains the HGTV star. "I say, don’t be afraid to paint your brick. It really frees you up to design the room however you want."

Meet the Expert

Leanne Ford is an interior designer from Pittsburgh who specializes in lived-in, but modern spaces. She is currently the star of HGTV's Restored by the Fords, where she transforms dated buildings into dream homes.

Need a bit more persuading? Scroll on to gain design inspiration from 14 interiors that might just convince you to grab a roller and paint your brick walls.

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The Mid-Century Modern Living Room With Painted White Brick Walls

In this mid-century modern living room designed by the Australian-based interior architecture and design studio Fabrikate, a painted white brick wall provides the perfect backdrop for a statement-making suspended fireplace in a contrasting shade of jet-black. A bold abstract painting and rug bring color into the space.

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The Rustic-Minimalistic Dining Room With Painted White Brick Walls

This dining room designed by Leanne Ford boasts an all-white interior, including painted white brick walls, painted white wood floors, and even a whitewashed wood-paneled ceiling. Textured décor accents—a cowhide rug, solid wood table, and leafy foliage centerpiece—infuse the space with some serious farmhouse vibes.

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The Traditional Kitchen With a Painted White Brick Wall and an Old-World Feel

By painting the brick wall in this kitchen white, interior designers Renee DiSanto and Christina Samatas of Park & Oak allow the texture and charm of the material to come through while retaining the space's minimalistic color palette. Traditional details, namely a vintage stove and rug, lend an Old-World feel to the space.

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The Texture-Rich Bedroom With Painted White Brick Walls

Allow Leanne Ford to once again demonstrate the transformative power of painting brick walls. In this texture-rich bedroom, several coats of white paint allow the material's natural texture to shine through without compromising the space's muted color scheme. A vintage mirror adds to the character-filled space.

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The Neutral Living Room With a Painted White Brick Wall

In this neutral living room designed by Leanne Ford, just an exposed brick hearth is spared from the all-white treatment. The texture-rich space also features a lacquered painted white wood-paneled ceiling, a high-pile, off-white rug, a weathered wood coffee table, and, notably, a wood-paneled statement wall.

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The Show-Stopping Space With a Whitewashed Brick Wall

In this space, the designers behind the N.Y.C- and London-based interior design studio Nune make a compelling case for whitewashing a brick wall. Rather than concealing a brick wall completely with opaque paint, the designers opted for a whitewashed treatment that allows the material to show through ever so subtly.

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The Chic Bedroom With a Whitewashed Brick Wall

Another space that makes whitewashed brick look downright chic, this bedroom, also by the designers behind Nune, boasts a brick wall lightly concealed beneath a layer of white paint. The softened brick creates a muted, textured accent wall that lends itself well to almost any design style, as demonstrated here.

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The Light-Filled Living Room With a Painted White Brick Wall

In Daphne Javitch's sun-soaked N.Y.C.living room, a painted white brick wall provides the ideal background for a light and airy space that receives an abundance of natural sunlight. Exposed wood beams, dark hardwood floors, and a timeworn wood coffee table lend warmth to the otherwise all-white living room.

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The All-White Bathroom With a Painted White Brick Wall

There's a lot to love about this bathroom designed by Leanne Ford—the arched doorway, the glass-paned doors, the freestanding tub, and the brass fixtures—but the painted white brick wall is the unsung hero of the space. Providing a blank background, the whitewashed wall allows all the other details to shine.

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The Laid-Back Living Room With a Painted White Brick Wall

Leave it to the designers at Space Exploration to demonstrate the transformative powers of white paint. Here, a once-industrial space is transformed into a light-filled, laid-back living room, thanks in part to white paint. A set of linen sofas, a pair of floor poufs, and an oversize paper lantern add to the relaxed aesthetic.

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The High-Contrast Bathroom With a Painted White Brick Wall

In this high-contrast bathroom designed by Leanne Ford, a painted white brick wall offers a minimalistic, textured backdrop for a jaw-droppingly chic, jet-black bathtub complete with gold fixtures. A crystal chandelier plays up the luxe factor while herringbone wood floors and a tree stump side table lend rustic flair.

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The Muted Kitchen With Painted White Brick Walls

Yet another all-white space designed by Leanne Ford, this kitchen boasts a muted color palette, thanks to a painted white brick wall, light-gray concrete countertops, and even alabaster-hued appliances. The painted brick wall lends a bit of rustic texture to an otherwise sterile space dominated by shiny surfaces.

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The Modern Loft With a Half-Whitewashed Brick Wall

If you don't want to completely give up an exposed brick wall, allow the architects at Downie North to demonstrate how to have the best of both worlds. In this modern loft, only half of the exposed brick wall is given a whitewashed treatment while the other is left as-is to differentiate the two levels of the loft. Genius.

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The Minimalistic Bedroom With a Painted White Brick Wall

To brighten up a dark bedroom that doesn't receive a lot of natural light, Noam Dvir and Daniel Rauchwerger, the architect-design duo behind BoND, decided to paint this exposed brick wall white. A textured white headboard plays up the natural texture of the painted brick and adds a further dimension to the minimalistic space.

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