17 Rooms That Might Convince You To Paint Your Brick Walls

whitewashed painted brick wall

The Art of Doing Stuff

This might be an unpopular opinion, but exposed brick walls may have run their course. As industrial-inspired design wanes in popularity and hallmarks of the style fall out of favor with the design set, we're ready to join our favorite interior designers in bidding farewell to exposed brick walls and embracing painted brick interiors instead.

"Painted brick is, and will always be, beautiful," says interior designer Leanne Ford, who just so happens to specialize in all-white interiors that often feature painted white brick walls. "It allows for the texture and charm of the brick to come through but doesn't mess with whatever color story you are working with," explains the HGTV star. "I say, don't be afraid to paint your brick. It really frees you up to design the room however you want."

Meet the Expert

Leanne Ford is an interior designer from Pittsburgh who specializes in lived-in, but modern spaces. She is currently the star of HGTV's Restored by the Fords, where she transforms dated buildings into dream homes.

Need a bit more persuading? Scroll on to gain design inspiration from 14 interiors that might just convince you to grab a roller and paint your brick walls.

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Go Bright White

kitchen with blue accent wall and white painted brick

Becca Interiors

Becca Interiors created a vintage atmosphere in this gorgeous dining room. The painted brick wall sets the perfect backdrop for the vintage-style cabinet without washing it out, and the simple setup for the table and chairs, along with the glass light fixtures, are beyond charming. Additionally, the navy blue accent wall is juxtaposed nicely beside the white for a dose of flair.

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Think Simple

bedroom with white painted brick and black an white photograph on wall

Becca Interiors

This modern bedroom embraces simplicity at its finest. The white painted brick paired with the black and white print and black wall sconce give an urban, contemporary vibe. The small accent table showcasing a single plant and the throw pillows with subtle patterns placed on the bed complete the look.

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Embrace Eclecticism

living room with columns and white painted brick wall, dark brown wooden exposed ceiling

Jenn Pablo

Jenn Pablo proves that painted brick walls can work effortlessly with plenty of decor themes in this Spanish Modern living room. The texture columns and chandelier add an extravagant vibe, while the couch, wooden table, and exposed wooden beams still allow the space to feel cozy and inviting.

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Lean into Rustic

kitchen with white painted brick

Milk and Honey Life

This rustic, charming space is an ode to the mostly white kitchen. The classic gas stove and copper pots and pans hanging from a metal rod take you back to another time, and the brick walls layered in multiple coats of white paint serve as a perfect background. The minimalist color scheme and dećor are beyond soothing.

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Don't Forget Your Fireplace

living room with half brick wall/fireplace and upper half built in shelves

Leaf and Lolo

The brick in this living room from Leaf and Lolo only takes up half the wall, but it still makes a big impression. What was formerly a fireplace has now been repurposed, and the built-in shelves boast plants of all shapes and sizes—which bring life a dose of color to an otherwise neutral room. The brick painted white still reveals plenty of texture without losing its vibrant ivory hue.

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Brighten Up Your Laundry Room

laundry room with white painted brick

Designer: Mindy Gayer / Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

Who says laundry rooms have to be drab and dark? This small space is given an airy lift with all white walls, cabinets, and appliances. The brick backsplash is coated with white paint, allowing the room to retain a modern, clean appearance.

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Go Light and Bright

asymmetrical off white brick walls in kitchen

Marie Flanigan Interiors

This kitchen makes us feel right at home. The off-white painted brick texture in the background creates an informal, relaxing atmosphere. The arched doorways are a unique feature, and the warm wood exposed beams give a natural charm that we can't get enough of.

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Take It to the Ceiling

living room with white painted brick accent wall

Marie Flanigan Interiors

The white walls and furniture in this living room create a spacious atmosphere, with the perfect amount of wooden accents to balance things out. The brick accent wall boasts a fireplace, and the white paint makes quite the impression. The combination of textures of the brick, shiplap, and exposed warm wood ensure there is always something to take in, yet the neutral color scheme keeps things from appearing too busy.

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Consider Your Backsplash

kitchen with white painted brick backsplash

Designer: Mindy Gayer / Photographer: Vanessa Lentine

Whether you're going contemporary or farmhouse in your kitchen, a white backsplash will be a tremendous asset. Rather than going the subway tile route, this kitchen designed by Mindy Gayer opted to paint the brick wall multiple coats of white paint to ensure a clean, flawless look. The results speak for themselves.

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Don't Overlook Modern Spaces

living room with painted white brick wall modern style

Proem Studio

The modern vibes in this living room are immaculate. When deciding whether or not to paint your brick or leave it as is, keep in mind that a white backdrop can be suitable for a wide range of styles and patterns that you may want to incorporate. The triangle pattern chairs in this living room really stand out in the predominantly white space.

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Add a Touch of Paint

whitewashed brick wall in colorful apartment

Rikki Snyder

Rather than concealing a brick wall entirely with opaque paint, the designers of this space opted for a whitewashed treatment that allows the material to show through ever so subtly. In this way, you get the best of both worlds—exposed brick with plenty of white to tie the room together.

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Make Your Furniture Stand Out

white brick wall in modern colorful apartment, orange retro chair

Rikki Snyder

The retro furniture in this living room absolutely pops when placed against a white brick wall. The funky orange chair, vibrant yellow entertainment set, and golden lamp are all striking and can hold their own when not competing against a busy backdrop.

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Set the Tone

bedroom with white brick wall, modern farmhouse vibes

Design: Becca Interiors, Photo: Rikki Snyder

Leave it to Becca Interiors to once again demonstrate the transformative power of painting brick walls. In this texture-rich bedroom, several coats of white paint allow the material's natural texture to shine through without compromising the space's muted color scheme.

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Open Up Your Space

lounge living room with painted white brick wall

Design: Anne Sage & Caroline Lee of Light Lab Interiors, Photo: Max Wanger 

This gorgeous lounge space was designed by Anne Sage and Caroline Lee, who clearly knows how to create a subtle, inviting environment. While there is so much to love about this space, the white brick wall boasting multiple coats of paint gives an almost soft vibe instead of the usual edginess of a typical brick wall.

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Add Some Color

painted white brick wall with green oval painted over, pink piano against wall

Liesbeth's Home

While a plain brick wall painted white is stunning on its own, there is no reason you can't customize or add your own design to it! This brick wall gets a serious artistic upgrade by being painted white and having an olive green arch painted on top. It creates stunning visual interest, and the pink piano is simply the icing on the cake.

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Create a Cohesive Environment

white brick wall dividing living and dining room

Blue Eye ID

Another reason to consider painting your brick walls white is the versatility it brings. This gorgeous space showcases this well—the modern living room is only embellished by the presence of the painted brick, and it also provides a seamless transition into the adjacent dining room. In both rooms, the wall absolutely works.

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Create a Vintage Feel

gorgeous white washed brick wall in dining room

The Art of Doing Stuff

Whitewashing your brick walls can give an edgy, even artistic tone to any room you're in. This dining room by The Art of Doing Stuff is a stunning example—the rough texture of the walls juxtaposed with the golden mirror and oversized piece of artwork is eclectic in the best way. The immaculate dining table and place settings only add to the elegance.

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