17 Painted Wood Floor Ideas We Can't Wait to DIY

living room with white painted wood floors

Fran Parente;  DESIGN: Zio and Sons

While painted wood floors might be a bit divisive, if our Instagram feed is any indication, they're certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Interior designers and bloggers alike have posted images of stunning interiors to the social media platform that are inspiring us to pick up a paintbrush.

"Painted floors are simply timeless," explains Anthony Dargenzio, CEO of the New York-based design firm Zio & Sons, of the enduring design trend. "Whether it's a city loft or country cottage, a painted floor is a great design solution." Seeing as we here at MyDomaine have an entire saved folder on Instagram devoted to painted wood floor inspiration, we couldn't agree more with the sought-after designer.

From a welcoming entryway with painted checkered wood floors to a charming kitchen boasting intricately patterned stenciled floors, here are just a few of the striking spaces that make a compelling case for heading to your local hardware store, stat.

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Go Classic With White

dining room with white painted wood floor

Design: Emily Henderson/ Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

In this understated dining room, designer Emily Henderson elected for a mostly all-white palette, slathering everything from the shiplap walls to the cabinetry, to the shutter doors to, of course, the wood floors in a bright shade of white paint. Meanwhile, the wood staircase lends warmth to the space, and the black chairs add the perfect dose of contrast.

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Paint Your Steps

white entryway with white painted floor

Bespoke Only

We already know the power of a white color palette. Bespoke Only proves our point in this small space the entryway that leads into a staircase and hallway. The wood floor is painted to match the walls, doors, and staircase, effectively making the narrow space look and feel larger than it really is.

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Try a Graphic Motif

geometric colorful painted floor


Leave it to Azie Shellhorse from @verdigreenhome to make a compelling case for completely coating wood floors with tons of paint. In designing what they affectionately call The Little Art Hotel, Shellhorse and Chelsea Bednard Design opted to paint the floors in a white, beige, navy, and blush pink diamond pattern, which dramatically brightened up the entire space.

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Think Pink

pink and white painted floor in dining room

Design: @marybestdesigns/ Paint: @nilsonstudio

This midcentury modern dining room designed by @marybestdesigns is a work of art. The crystal sputnik chandelier and white mod chairs already make quite the statement, but it's the painted floor that truly has our attention. The pink and white hexagonal pattern, done by @nilsonstudio, with the original wood floor showing up underneath gives the impression of a giant area rug—but make no mistake, it's all paint.

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Go Neutrals

gray and white checkerboard painted floor


Complete with painted gray and white checkered floors, this rustic-inspired kitchen demonstrates the power of paint to completely transform a space. When paired with design details such as vibrant plant life and a farmhouse sink, this charming kitchen exudes charming cottagecore vibes.

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Update the Checkerboard Style

rustic kitchen with salmon colored fridge and painted wood floors

Kate Marker Interiors

When Kate Marker of Kate Marker Interiors undertook the project of renovating this rustic lake cottage kitchen, she knew one feature had to remain: the intricately patterned painted wood floors. A salmon-hued fridge in a retro design accentuates the floor's colorful design while retaining the kitchen's unique charm.

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Paint It Black

black painted wood floor


In this dining room, Rachel from @inspired_on_winterway decided to go bold with her paint choice. She opted for a pitch-black color rather than the usual white that dominates the trend. While black may seem like an intimidating color, pairing it with white furniture and a light-tone rug show why you don't need to shy away from the shade. Rather, the classic hue is the perfect foundation for curating a striking space that never gets old.

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Try a 70's Feel

flower painted wood floor


Emma from @ahouseonashbank shows how painting your floors can truly bring them to life. These retro-inspired flowers create a welcoming and whimsical space, and the pattern is echoed on floors all throughout her home. The added flower dećor on the walls creates a cohesive theme that we are in love with,

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Go Black and White

checkerboard painted wood floor

James B Laughlin

Rather than choosing two hues to paint with, why not opt for one instead? James B Laughlin painted this entryway with the dark black squares in a checkered pattern. Take a closer look, and you notice that the original wood floor is still visible in the blank spaces left behind. It's the best of both worlds, particularly if you like the idea of a painted floor but don't want to slather the whole thing with one hue.

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DIY a Stairway Runner

painted runner on staircase


Julie from @julielutgenlawrence shows that painting your walkways doesn't have to stick to floors—staircases are fair game as well! This angeled staircase features a white-painted runner that looks absolutely stunning, without the risk of slipping underfoot by well-intended fabric.

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Cozy Up With Warm Tones

cozy living room with light pink painted floor


For definitive proof that a mostly white living room can be cozy, look no further than this space designed by @leannelimwalkerhome. Texture-rich details such as a vintage rug, mod wood furniture, and even a sleek contemporary round mirror fill an otherwise stark space with white floors, walls, and ceilings with a welcoming air. The cherry on top? The blush pink painted floor feels inviting as well as playful.

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Add a Major Wow Moment

aerial view of a white hexagon pattern painted on brown wood floor


This gorgeous view really allows you to appreciate the painted floor done by @floepainting. The geometric pattern feels bold, yet sophisticated. The color palette is simple, but the impact is larger than life.

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Keep It Geometric

entryway with white rectangle pattern painted on brown wood floor


The entryway by @simesstudio gives off serious chic vibes. The painted white overlapping patterns are eye-catching without being too dramatic or busy. The vintage bench ties the space together.

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Add Some Hexagons

painted wood floor in kitchen


This charming kitchen by @honeycollinsinteriors boasts a wood floor that is painted with a hexagonal pattern—a popular choice for painted floors. The pattern extends all the way down the hall, making it feel more like an extension of the kitchen itself.

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Brighten It Up

painted wood floor in attic space

Rikki Snyder

Rikki Snyder photographed this color attic space—complete with exposed brick and wood beams on the ceiling—further proving our point of how painting your wood floors can revamp a room. The white floor takes a small attic and makes it feel twice its size.

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Match Your Floors to Your Walls

painted wood floor in living room

Studio Peake

While living rooms may not seem like the usual choice for painted wood flooring, Studio Peake proves they shouldn't be excluded from the trend. This living room boasts pops of color in the cabinetry and dećor accents, and the white floor only adds to the modern charm. Additionally, the brick fireplace is also painted a matching white, proving that floors aren't the only aspect of a room that a fresh coat of paint can transform.

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Try a Tone-on-Tone Pairing

light diamond pattern painted on wood floor in dining room

Design: Marie Flanigan Interiors/ Photo: Julie Soefer

While painting your floors can feel very dramatic, there are more subtle ways to approach the concept. Marie Flanigan Interiors takes the diamond patterns we've seen in multiple homes but goes much lighter—almost faded—with the paint, giving an airy feel to this dining room.

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