7 Paleo Cookbooks for When You Need Recipe Inspiration

Updated 11/09/17
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I don't know about you, but I rely on blogs and cookbooks for advice when I'm trying to cook healthier—in fact, this recipe a friend sent me for a Paleo breakfast casserole basically got me through my Whole 30 (I never even got sick of it). Having meal inspo at the ready is key to sticking to your goals, and we just so happen to have found the best Paleo cookbooks out there. In case you aren't familiar with the Paleo diet, people associate it with eating like a caveman—you basically consume a lot of protein, fresh veggies, and good fat while saying goodbye to processed foods and most sugars.

Going Paleo can be yummy (and easy) when you have a slew of recipes lined up that you’re excited to make. This way, you’ll be gaining something instead of feeling like you’re giving something up. Below find the seven Paleo cookbooks we flip through when we want to be more mindful of our food choices, then take your pick.

Danielle Walker Against All Grain
Danielle Walker Against All Grain $14

Author Danielle Walker is inspiring—she’s a self-trained chef who went Paleo to fight her autoimmune disease through healthy eating. In this (her first book), she cooks all her favorite meals, only she's made them grain- and dairy-free.

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo
Diane Sanfilippo Practical Paleo $29

This Paleo cookbook has been nicknamed "The Paleo Bible" by some of its readers. Other than recipes, it also includes healthy meal plans and simple tips for transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle (if that’s up your alley).

Well Fed Weeknights by Melissa Joulwan
Melissa Joulwan Well Fed Weeknights $15

If you’re always buzzing about from place to place during the week, it can be hard to find time to whip up any dinner (let alone something Paleo). That’s why you need this collection of food truck–inspired recipes you can make in under 45 minutes (and oh yeah, the books comes with mobile shopping lists for on-the-go ease).

The Paleo Kitchen by Juli Bauer & George Bryant
Juli Bauer & George Bryant The Paleo Kitchen $28

This New York Times bestseller is the result of two Paleo bloggers collaborating to write a cookbook. We like that their recipes are inventive (bacon pecan cabbage anyone?) but don’t require investing in a ton of ingredients that you’ll never use again.

Nom Nom Paleo Michelle Tam & Henry Fong
Michelle Tam & Henry Fong Nom Nom Paleo $35 $25

Bloggers Michelle Tam and Henry Fong take a playful approach to chatting all things Paleo—including using cute cartoons dispersed throughout the book. Recipes deserving of seconds (or thirds) include everything from strawberry banana ice cream to spicy tuna cakes.

Eat Happy by Anna Vocino
Anna Vocino Eat Happy $35 $29

If you thought going Paleo meant giving up comfort food, then it’s time to think again. Anna Vocino’s cookbook with insanely easy, delicious recipes is the result of her trying to find a healthier way to stay gluten-free.

The Big Book of Paleo Slow Cooking by Natalie Perry
Natalie Perry The Big Book of Paleo Slow Cooking $17

Paleo blogger Natalie Perry doles out more than 200 Asian, Latin, and Middle Eastern-influenced dishes that you can set and forget in your slow cooker. The best part? Most of the recipes are family-friendly (as in, everyone can eat the same thing).

What are some of your favorite Paleo cookbooks? Share with us in the comments.

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