The Kardashians Would Surely Approve of These Pantry Cabinet Organisers

Updated 07/07/17
Pantry Cabinet Organisers

There's no more wasteful feeling than coming home from the grocery store with a new bag of flour or box of quinoa only to realise you already have multiples in your pantry. There's also no worse feeling than discovering a $30 bottle of saffron that's definitely passed its prime at the back of a shelf. A disorganised pantry has its fallbacks—and they go way beyond having to search for the canned tomatoes for 10 minutes or creating an avalanche of non-perishables when trying to reach for the icing sugar.

But how do you keep your pantry from looking like a post-apocalyptic grocery aisle? Take a note from Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian: Both have become masters of pantry organisation. Ahead, we rounded up our favourite (and prettiest) pantry cabinet organisers—and they're budget-friendly too! Don't despair when opening your pantry door—these tips will help.

Oxo Pop Containers $130

First things first, invest in clear plastic containers and rid yourself of unnecessary packaging. The best part is you can save money by buying in bulk.

Yamazaki White Tower Steel Wire Stackable Baskets $22 $17

Keep your fruits and vegetables like potatoes and onions in stackable baskets to save space.

The Container Store Hermetic Glass Storage $6

Airtight containers are useful for any canned goods or jams.

The Container Store Linus Spice Racks $17

Spices are hard to keep in the pantry because they always get lost in the back. Instead, use a tiered spice rack to keep track of every bottle.

Carter Wood Bread Box
Crate and Barrel Carter Wood Bread Box $84

Don't let your bread rot before its time. A bread box will keep things fresh and tidy.

Garlic Keeper
Crate and Barrel Garlic Keeper $24

Extend the life of your garlic with this garlic keeper. Bonus: You'll never look for that ingredient again.

Yamazaki Tosca Basket With Wooden Handles $42

Baskets are incredibly useful for anything from cleaning supplies to plastic wraps and foil.

And now, a professional organiser spills on exactly how to organise your pantry.

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