21 Pantry Door Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

pantry door ideas glass hardware

Joelle Elaine Design, Photos by Brooke Pavel

Pantry doors are often hidden away in kitchens, tucked into awkward corners, and rarely given further thought. But rather than being an afterthought, what if pantry doors looked just as good as the rest of your kitchen? It might be time to give your pantry a facelift. Keep reading to see 21 of our favorite pantry door ideas.

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Try a Barn Door

pantry door ideas barn door

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Barn doors are an easy-to-install pantry door option that don't take up much precious kitchen space. They're perfect for narrow pantry areas or cottage or farmhouse-style kitchens. But if you're looking for an option that's not too shabby chic, pick a less ornate, minimalist barn door.

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Tuck It Away

pantry door ideas offset

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

For an out-of-the-way pantry door, use barely-there options like a barn door or pocket door. These slim doors are great for busy hallways or corridors. To make the door stand out, give it some stylish hardware that coordinates with the rest of your kitchen.

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Put in a Pocket

pantry door ideas pocket

Mindy Gayer Design Co.

The favorite of craftsman homes everywhere, pocket doors are the ideal small space solution to tight corners. Understated and simple, these doors will work with just about any kitchen style, making them the perfect pantry pick.

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Go for Glass

pantry door ideas glass

Naked Kitchens

Glass doors are a great midway between a solid door and the lack of one. You can still take a peek at the pantry contents inside, but it's not all on display. A wood-framed glass door can bring art deco vibes to a modern kitchen look.

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Try Frosted Glass

pantry door ideas frosted glass

Twelve15 Design Studio

Looking for something with a more contemporary look than glass? Try frosted glass. Frosted glass can blend into the rest of your kitchen while giving your pantry a modern and minimalist look.

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Take Off the Door

pantry door ideas no door

Light and Dwell

Of course, you can always forgo the pantry door entirely for a more open pantry look. For the best look, make sure your pantry interior is stylish and organized, and consider painting pantry shelving the same color as your cabinetry.

To make this (lack-of-a) pantry door stand out even more, add extra trim around the doorway for a more defined feature.

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Come Back to Black

pantry door ideas black

Naked Kitchens

A unique pantry door look can be found in solid-black doors, which provide just as much oomph as they do flexibility. Black pantry doors can fit in just about any kitchen, plus, they easily hide stains and dirt.

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Use a Tiny Door

pantry door ideas small

Naked Kitchens

If your kitchen is on an upper level and is competing for space with your attic or roof, get creative with pantry doors. You don't need to use a full-length door, especially if your pantry isn't a walk-in one. Instead, opt for a shorter door that will fit better in an already-tight space.

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Add New Hardware

pantry door ideas hardware

Calimia Home

Looking for an easy upgrade to an already existing pantry door? All you need to do is buy some new hardware. Pick a door knob that complements your existing kitchen hardware, and don't be afraid to splurge for something a little more fancy too—create style where it counts.

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Return to Rustic

pantry door ideas rustic

milk and honey life

Untreated (or barely treated) pine or oak can make for a beautifully rustic pantry door. This style is a no-brainer pick if you're searching for a pantry door for your French country or hygge kitchen, and it can easily be painted later on if you want a different look.

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Build It Into the Kitchen

pantry door ideas built in

Studio Peake

Another stand-out pantry door look? One that's built into the kitchen cabinetry. Providing a seamless, visually interesting look, built-in pantry doors are a great pick for smaller pantries and kitchens that need a more creative approach to space.

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Don't Forget Storage

pantry door ideas storage

reclaim professional organizing

The outside of your pantry door may be ready to go, but don't forget to use its inside too. The inside of your pantry door is a great place for some narrow shelving to hold bottles, jars, and cans, or it can be used to store cleaning supplies or extra dishes.

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Try Out Glass Hardware

pantry door ideas glass hardware

Joelle Elaine Design, Photos by Brooke Pavel

Go a step beyond chrome and steel door knobs—try out glass. This fun, old-school hardware brings a unique touch to an oft-forgotten part of the kitchen. Pair them with brass accents for the best effect.

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Go Tall and Narrow

pantry door ideas tall and skinny

veranda estate homes

For an elegant, on-trend look, pick a tall and narrow pantry door with glass panes. These picturesque doors are a kitchen feature all on their own, and they're a great way to show off some wallpaper or colored shelving in the interior of the pantry.

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Pick a Round Door

pantry door ideas rounded

veranda estate homes

Another unique pantry door idea is a rounded one. Rounded doors bring in elegant, old-world style, and their circular shape makes them stand out in a room full of rectangles and squares.

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Bring in Some Light (Wood)

pantry door ideas light wood

Joelle Elaine Design, Photos by Brooke Pavel

Dark colors will do an already small-and-cramped kitchen no good. In tight spaces like those, it's best to use light and airy colors, and the pantry door is no exception. For a pantry door in a small space, use wood that's barely stained or has a lighter hue.

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Use a Standalone Pantry

pantry door ideas standalone

devol kitchens

If you want a pantry for your own space, but you don't have one, try a standalone pantry. Whether it's built or bought, these storage solutions provide style and space to a room that always needs more of both.

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Opt for Ornate

pantry door ideas ornate

white sands

If you're on the lookout for a pantry door that's one-of-a-kind, head to the flea market or antique store! A vintage or historic door is a great pantry pick, especially if it's covered in ornate details or is weathered in all the right places.

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Keep It Simple

pantry door ideas corner

White sands

Sometimes, a simple white pantry door is all your space may really need, especially if it's already quite small or visually busy. But to keep it looking its best, keep it wiped down and clean, and give it a fresh coat of paint every few years.

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Combine French and Pocket Doors

pantry door ideas pocket french doors

Joelle Elaine Design, Photos by Brooke Pavel

Looking for a small-space pantry door that can also show off your pantry's contents? Try out a pocket French door. These in-and-out doors feature the French door's signature panes of glass without taking up much space.

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Paint Your Trim

pantry door ideas painted trim

This Old Soul House

Another great way to show off your pantry door is to frame it with wide, painted trim. Paint the trim a similar shade to your wall color, and you'll have a picture-perfect vintage look.