Tour a Domaine-Designed Space Full of Vintage Treasures

This weekend in Hollywood, behind an inconspicuous building facade, artists, designers, furniture dealers, and creative minds will come together to celebrate Los Angeles’ brightest design event. "Parachute Market is a biannual design fair with a curatorial concept that directs the vision for the show,” describes co-founder Coryander Friend. Together with co-curator Bianca Chen of host JF Chen, Friend has brought together some of the biggest talents in Los Angeles to showcase their work and finds in an environment of shared creativity.

Domaine was lucky enough to join in on the fun by designing and curating a space to display some of the selected exhibitors’ best work. All of the pieces used are available for purchase, both this weekend at the show as well as online, through Parachute’s brand new e-commerce site. Scroll through our slideshow to see the Domaine-designed space and shop these stunning items.