This Striking Parisian Apartment Had Us at Bonjour

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that the French know how to style a room (and an outfit)—every woman in Paris owns these 8 décor pieces. This striking Parisian apartment is the epitome of elegance and everything we've come to know and adore about their interior design style. Preserving the atmosphere and honoring the heritage of this traditional Pied-à-Terre was the primary goal of interior designer Jean-Charles Tomas. Because it was the first project of his namesake firm, Tomas was committed to restoring the space without losing the classic details (the moldings, parquet flooring, and fireplace).

"The clients wanted something in between classic and contemporary," he told MyDomaine. "The cachet of a Parisian apartment with the comfort of a modern one." As a detail-oriented person, Tomas didn't leave a style stone unturned. Every room is carefully considered, with the utmost precision applied. It's breathtaking. "The dialogue with the craftsmen helps me during the design process and allows me to understand every single detail," he said. "I believe that it's in small details that you can tell the most meaningful things."

So take the tour with us through this modern marvel, and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor (literally).