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5 Parisian-Inspired Home Trends to Try in Your Own Space

White Parisian sitting area.

Dreamy Whites

Who doesn’t want their space to look a bit more Parisian? We’re definitely guilty of falling in love with every detail of French apartments, from dazzling wood floors to statement-making light fixtures to ornate artwork on the walls. 

We’re highlighting five home trends that are having a major moment in Parisian spaces right now, all of which you can copy in your own abode. Getting your home to look très chic is much simpler than you might think.

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Shapely Furniture

Luxe rounded sofa.

Smirnova Interiors

Go on and embrace those curves: Shapely furniture is all the rage in Parisian abodes. Fortunately for those of us in the States, many American retailers have made it easy to replicate the look by introducing arched sofas, chairs with dramatic tufted backs, and the like to their product lines.

Note that arched pieces look best when they’re not placed directly against a wall. If you do purchase a curved sofa, consider displaying it at an angle to allow the piece to truly shine. You’ll thank us later.

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Chunky Marble Pieces

Marble fireplace and table.

Marissa Cox

We love a good marble accent piece, and Parisians do, too. Skip pieces that also feature brass or wood, as those may appear too glam or industrial. The key here is that the thicker the piece of marble furniture, the better. Look for tables with pedestal bases or chunky legs that are rounded at the bottom. Of course, a marble fireplace would be the pièce de résistance.

Sites like Facebook Marketplace and Chairish are excellent places to begin your search if you’re looking for something a bit off the beaten path. 

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Sculptural Lighting

Ornate lighting in kitchen.

Dreamy Whites

Even if you’re a renter, you can often switch out your apartment’s light fixtures with permission from your landlord, as long as you put the original pieces back in before move-out. Take this as an opportunity to introduce dramatic, sculptural light fixtures to your space. We’re seeing traditional, glimmering chandeliers used in unique ways (like in this kitchen), and more sputnik or Serge Mouille-inspired pieces are making waves. Such pieces double as works of art and will add a major wow-factor to your home.

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Ornate Art

Antique mirror next to living room.

Ashley Montgomery Design

Don’t be afraid to hang edgy artwork in your Parisian-esque maison. Abstract pieces, particularly those in neutral hues, are the perfect addition to any French-inspired space. For an unexpected contrast, you can also pair these bold works with framed oil portraits, mirrors, or other more vintage-looking finds to bring those art gallery vibes home. Who needs to venture out to the museum when your home is full of stunning creations?

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Bare Floors

White Parisian sitting area.

Dreamy Whites

You’ll notice that most Parisian apartments aren’t overloaded with carpets—and if we had beautiful herringbone wood floors in our homes, we’d probably keep them bare, too. That said, even if your floors aren’t full of character, leaving them uncovered can help make your space look a bit more French. If you must place down a rug, make it petite.