5 Easy Ways to Add Parisian Flair to Your Bedroom

Nightstand with French decor accents.

Chesley McCarty 

We’re all about adding subtle Parisian touches to our homes any way we can, and because French style décor is so soft and calming, it’s the perfect style to incorporate into the bedroom.

If you’re looking to make your sleep space into a chic oasis, you’ll want to take a look at our five top tips for bringing the Parisian feel to your own home in a snap.

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Decorate With a Bust Sculpture

Dresser with bust sculpture and Parisian decor.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

Bust sculptures add that French, museum-like quality to a space in an instant and aren’t too difficult to source, either. Place one on your desk or dresser for some added charisma.

Busts look lovely on their own, but you can also create a charming vignette by placing one atop a stack of books.

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Add a Faux Mantel

Sure, this is a heftier undertaking, but it will most definitely pay off if you’re committed to embracing Parisian style. I have sourced multiple French-looking faux fireplaces on Facebook Marketplace that have really glammed up my apartment and are oh-so-fun to style and decorate, too.

You can easily snag an amazing deal by shopping secondhand. It's worth noting that if you go the brand-new route, these pieces can be quite pricey. However, we think they’re more than worth it, as they add so much architectural character to a space.

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Play Up Your Perfumes

Close-up of Chanel bag and perfumes.

Lauren Zillinger for Laura Metzler Photography

Make like Coco Chanel and give your fragrances the grand treatment. I like placing mine in a brass or marble tray so that they shine and double as décor. This setup is both pretty and practical. The bottles themselves are gorgeously styled—and my favorite perfumes are always within reach when it’s time to get ready.

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Display a Few Baubles

Close-up of jewelry and candle.

Chesley McCarty

Place favorite pieces of jewelry, like glamorous brooches or pins, in a small, elegant dish, like this white ruffled one that I purchased on Etsy. I absolutely love displaying this on my nightstand for a delicate, Parisian look.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of sparkle to your bedside table, and it’s more fun to be able to admire favorite baubles rather than keeping them tucked away in a box.

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Frame a Scarf

Parisian women love Hermès scarves, and if you’re lucky enough to own one—or have another favorite scarf you’d like to showcase—why not incorporate the stylish accessory into your room décor?

Drape an oft-worn scarf over the back of your desk chair or tie it to a handbag that sits front and center. Alternatively, invest in getting a special scarf framed so that you can enjoy it as artwork. Très chic.