High-Paying Side Jobs Do Exist—These 5 Are Actually Worth It

Updated 05/23/17
Brooke Testoni

The standard approach to growing your savings involves an obvious solution: Ask for a raise to increase your salary, and curb outgoing expenses by limiting spending. However, according to Brie Reynolds of FlexJobs, considering only these two options means overlooking an opportunity with big earning potential: a side hustle.

FlexJobs, an online service that connects flexible workers with part-time, freelance, or temporary side gigs, recently compiled a list of the highest-paying positions in these categories. Each job offers at least double the federal minimum wage and suggests a unique way to use your existing skillset to help others or expand your interests. From project archiving to city guide writing, these are the best side gigs to maximize your spare time.

The Pay: Up to $100 an hour. 

The Job: If you travel regularly or have expert knowledge about a city or neighborhood, consider a freelance travel writing job. According to Business Insider, tourism and real estate companies often hire writers to create guides that cover shopping, recreation, climate, culture, and more.

The Pay: Up to $26 an hour. 

The Job: "Museums and curatorial departments at various organizations sometimes seek archivists for project-based work," Business Insider explains. You'll be expected to help sort through archival material and will need a strong attention to detail. 

The Pay: Up to $41 an hour. 

The Job: If you spend hours at the gym on weekends, why not earn some money at the same time? You'll need to gain accreditation first, but once you do, you can lead fitness classes and help others hit their health goals. 

The Pay: Up to $21 an hour. 

The Job: Fluent in a second language? Multilingual people with legal experience are often recruited to review documents for short-term projects. 

The Pay: Up to $50 an hour. 

The Job: People who work in education can put their skills to use in their off-hours by assisting with curriculum development. You'll need to prove relevant experience and be able to work under strict deadlines.

Do you have a side hustle? Tell us what you do in the comments below. 

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