How to Decorate with Pastels

Achieving pastel perfection can be a double-edged sword. On one hand the light color palette has the ability to make your space fresh and inviting; on the other hand, it can seem childish and unsophisticated. To master the use of the feminine palette, we've made a list of tips and rounded up a few of our favorite pastel accents. _1 To make pastel colors feel fresh in your space, balance them with a healthy dose of white. Whether it be white floors, furniture, or walls, the clean background will make pastels pop. We'd say mix two parts white with one part pastel for the perfect cocktail.
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IKEA PS 2014 Mirror, $13, Ikea Nerd Chair, $499, A+R Store Glossy Cushion Cover, $6, H&M Home
_2 Pastels can give off a medicinal vibe (think Pepto Bismol) if not matched with varied elements. Mix in warm woods and shiny metallics to add texture and contrast to the palette. Trust us, your male counterparts will be grateful.
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Magical Thinking Industrial Chair, $119, Urban Outfitters Lounah Rug, from $219, Aelfie Coral Turkish Towel, $40, Furbish Studio
_3 If you're decorating with soft pastels, chances are you have a gentler personality. No problem with that, but we encourage you to be bold with your pastel placement. A generous amount of color in multiple areas of the home will keep it balanced. A pastel teal pillow on it's own will look random, but pair it with a powder pink chair on the other side of the room and it will feel right at home.
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 Gunnern Pedestal Table, $40, Ikea  Ikat Watercolor Pillow, $55, Furbish Studio Busunge Wardrobe, $149, Ikea 
Will you be decorating with a pastel palette? Let us know in the comments below. Photography: 1. Louise Desrosiers for Milk Magazine, 2. via My Scaninavian Home, 3. Johan Lindvall via Scandinavian Retreat, 4. via Sotheby's, 5. Dimore Studio (designer and source), 6. Louise Desrosiers for Milk Magazine, 7. Petra Bindell for ELLE Interiör, 8. via Weekday Carnival