As It Turns Out… It Pays to Be Selfish

According to the author and self-made millionaire Steve Siebold, if you ask average people and wealthy people what they think about selfishness, you’ll get polar-opposite answers. Average people, Siebold states, think of selfishness as a vice, whereas wealthy people think of selfishness as a virtue. “The rich go out there and try to make themselves happy. They don’t try to pretend to save the world,” Siebold writes on Business Insider. “If you’re not taking care of you, you’re not in a position to help anyone else. You can’t give what you don’t have.”

Apparently the 1200 millionaires Siebold has interviewed over the last three decades agree with his “help yourself before you help others” mentality. Siebold and his interviewees believe that selfish people approach life with an active mind-set. They are problem solvers who go out and get what they want. According to Siebold, if you’re a problem solver who expects to make a lot of money, chances are you will.

We think if you’re going out and making your dreams come true, you’re making yourself happy, which is a great way to inspire those around you to be happy too.

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