The Surprising Remedy You Should Turn to When You Have a Hangover


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Recovering from a rough weekend? We've all been there, and sometimes it seems like nothing helps. While chugging water and taking it easy in the morning can ease the pain of a hangover, it doesn't always cure all the symptoms. If you're really looking to address your ills, a childhood remedy might be the secret.

Dan Brooks of The New York Times recently highlighted the adult benefits of Pedialyte, an electrolyte solution intended for children. Brooks swears by the "medical-grade sports drink"—intended to treat dehydration and childhood ailments like vomiting—for hangover-related woes that are often of a similar nature. The author describes how he stocked up on Pedialyte in preparation for his 39th birthday—because as we age, the hangovers hit us even harder.

So while drinking in moderation and consuming equal parts water along the way is the best strategy for preventing a hangover in the first place, if the night gets the best of you, you can always turn to your yesteryear go-to.

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