The One Item That Will Instantly Make Your Rental Cool

Living in a rental can feel like design purgatory. Making dramatic changes to a place that’s not your own can feel pointless, yet you still want to give the space a sense of character—it’s home for now, after all. While a stunning sofa or quality coffee table often get attention as good first investment pieces, we’ve pinpointed one item that will give your rental instant vibes: a statement pendant light.

From an ornate beaded chandelier to a modern glass bulb, this single purchase injects personality in an instant—even if the rest of your décor has yet to be defined. And while they might look dramatic, overhead lights can be easily changed with the help of an electrician, making them the ideal investment piece to buy now and take to your next home. Believe us, this is what your room is missing. Ask yourself these questions to find your perfect pendant match.