The Surprising Thing That's Deadlier Than Shark Attacks

If you don’t like to swim in the ocean because you’re afraid of getting attacked by a shark, you might want to think twice before you take a selfie. According to a recent Condé Nast Traveler article, more people have died from taking selfies this year than those who have been fatally wounded by a shark. Yes, tourists are dying while attempting to take photos of themselves! Earlier this week, a Japanese tourist passed away after falling down stairs at the Taj Mahal while trying to take a selfie. So many people have died from the practice that the European Union actually proposed the criminalization of certain types of selfies. Five people have been injured this year at Yellowstone National Park when they tried to take photos with bison. As they turned their back to pose with the animal, the buffalo attacked them. Be careful when snapping the perfect selfie—as the Traveler puts it, “Yes: sharks are scary. But the selfie stick is your real enemy. Beware.”

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