This Female-Founded Brand is Making it Easier Than Ever to Bring Prints and Patterns Home

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Pepper Home

When it comes to décor, it’s often the little things added in that can change the way we feel about a space. Not the biggest fan of your table? A tablecloth or placemats can work like magic. Does your living room feel a bit stark? New curtains and a throw pillow or two can make it feel cozy in an instant.

Enter Pepper. The female-founded textile brand that’s going to have you peppering all sorts of patterned accessories throughout your home, in a way that’s stylish, affordable, and reduces impact on the environment. Launched in 2018, Pepper carries a curated selection of 100% cotton print pillows, curtains, and table linens. Not to be salty, but Pepper’s spicy style is really kicking the competition. 

The brand was founded by Erin Banta and Kelsey Brown, who met at Columbia Business School. While they aren’t interior designers, Banta tells MyDomaine, she sees this as an asset.

“Kelsey and I have extensive backgrounds in retail, but are admittedly not coming from the interior/design world. We’re taking advantage of our outsider status to really shake things up in an old school industry. For example, we’ve leveraged Kelsey’s background in engineering and logistics to compete on price without sacrificing quality by optimizing our supply chain,” she says. “We’ve also capitalized on our connections in the retail world to collaborate with really talented textile designers to develop all of our custom prints.”

As for the name, Banta explains, “We want our customers to feel confident using color and pattern at home and named our company Pepper because we believe that our accessories and accents allow them to do just that. We're trying to show people that, when it comes to decorating, a little design can really go a long way.” 

All of Pepper’s products (say that ten times fast) are made of 100% cotton, which Banta shares isn’t always the industry standard for luxury textiles. “Textile companies often use fabrics, such as 100% Belgian linen, that are extremely expensive—passing the cost on to the consumer—and are a lot of work to care for. After doing extensive research and testing, we found that using 100% cotton would enable us to reduce price while also maintaining quality.”

Another advantage of cotton is that it's easy to clean. Textiles, especially table linens tend to get dirty (what do you expect to happen when eating is involved?). With cotton, you can put it straight into the washing machine, so a little stain won't ruin it. Dry clean only fabrics are expensive to clean and you risk staining them forever because you have to wait at least until the next day to bring them in. 

Pepper's Prints

Recent advancements in technology have made digital printing a reliable alternative to traditional methods. It’s also less expensive, explains Banta. “We found that by using digital printing, we could not only reduce cost but also minimize water usage, electricity consumption, and other environmental strains historically associated with the textile industry.”

The brand also manufactures in a more sustainable way by significantly reducing fabric wastage and carbon footprint. So every purchase comes with good karma.

It’s also worth noting that every print is hand-painted or drawn, making the designs truly unique.  

Set The Table

Pepper Home Blake Placemats, Set of 2 $28

Pepper has a variety of table linens, which they sell on their site, with some select options available through Zola as well. Choose from ten placemats and napkin styles. Eight different cocktail napkins and the choice of seven tea towels are available. There are also four different options for runners as well as tablecloths. 


Pepper Home Hockney Pillow $68

Pillows are a great way to change things up in your living room, den or bedroom. There are fifteen different print and three solids in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary and modern.

The Bundles

Since Pepper is big on value (we have no complaints about this), they offer bundles to help you save cash. If you’ve ever wanted to mix prints, but are afraid, Pepper’s bundles are great because they take the guesswork out, making it impossible to go wrong.

dining bundle
Pepper Home Eden Dining Bundle $98

There are four options for Dining Bundles. The Balzary and Blake bundles have four placemats, four napkins and four cocktail napkins (which you know you’re going to use as a coaster anyway). The Carolina and Eden bundles have four napkins and a table runner. 

living bundle
Pepper Home Poppy-Balzary Bundle $232

There are also four Living Bundles. The whimsical, yet modern Poppy-Balzary Bundle and classic but chic Eden-Denton Bundles have four throw pillows. The blue Warby and pink Carolina Bundles each have two pillows and a soft alpaca throw. 


Pepper Home Victoria Curtain $118+

Pepper's printed curtains are the easiest way to add a pop of color and texture to a room. There are six different curtain options as well as two different rods available. A great thing about Pepper’s curtains is that the 50 inches panels can be customized in lengths between 36-102 inches. The fabric is even double backed for privacy and light control. Hello quality! Choose from a brushed nickel or brass curtain rod, sold separately. 

What’s Next

If you can’t get enough prints (we don’t blame you), new patterns are on their way in November. December will bring some new Bundles for the holidays. In 2020, fabric by the yard and wallpaper (slow clap here) will become available as well as additional customization features and new patterns dropping monthly. 

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