This Magical Herb Will Naturally Rid Your Home of Pests


Simone Vogel/StockFood

The perfect splash of green in any cocktail or homemade dish, peppermint has established itself as a popular household herb to always have on hand. But it turns out there is another, more practical use for the garnish outside of the kitchen. According to Shareably, peppermint is “nature’s natural pest repellent,” capable of keeping rodents, spiders, mosquitos, and ants out of the home.

With a naturally strong odor and antibacterial properties, peppermint is a healthier, chemical-free alternative to traditional bug repellents. What’s more, the herb is super easy to care for and just needs a little bit of water and sunlight—simply pepper a few potted plants around your home and enjoy a pest-free, fresh-smelling winter. Shareably also suggests tucking away a few sprigs around pet beds or crates, as the scent naturally repels fleas as well.

The herb will also come in handy when combatting wintertime cold or flu viruses. “Peppermint has a surprising amount of medicinal benefits, making it one of the most helpful plants for not only your home, but also for your health,” writes Shareably. “If your stomach is feeling upset, try drinking some herbal peppermint tea. For those of you suffering from stuffy sinuses, boil some water and fresh mint leaves together—this minty steam can help clear your congestion.”

Have you ever used peppermint as a bug repellent? Share your review below, and shop this peppermint oil spray for a handheld alternative.