The Essential Oil a Doctor Uses for (All-Natural) Headache Relief

Updated 06/02/17
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If you could designate a specific time of the year as "headache season," it would be right now. As Mayo Clinic reports, certain weather changes can incite headaches or migraines, including bright sunlight, changes in barometric pressure, high humidity, and of course allergies

Fortunately, you don't have to turn to aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve your headaches (unless you want to, of course). If an all-natural remedy is more up your alley, Josh Axe, MD, would prescribe peppermint oil as a "more effective and safer alternative" for headache relief, he writes on his website. "Applying peppermint essential oil topically across the forehead and on the temples effectively alleviates a tension headache." 

His advice is substantiated by a 1996 study published in the German journal Nervenarzt. The 41 participants suffering from headaches reported pain relief after peppermint oil was applied topically to the forehead between 15 and 30 minutes after a headache began. In the end, peppermint oil "proved to be a well-tolerated and cost-effective alternative to usual headache therapies," explains Axe. 

Studies aside, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. "I was so happy when I found peppermint essential oil and tried it for my headache," writes holistic health blogger Lori. "It is truly a miraculous solution to pain and gives relief in less than 30 minutes. And it’s all natural! I’ve been using the same method on 3 separate occasions when I’ve had headaches. And it worked every single time." The secret is in the oil's ability to improve blood circulation and open up the sinuses for better oxygen flow. 

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Have you tried peppermint oil for headaches? How did it work out for you?

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