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14 Gorgeous Pergola Designs to Make Your Outdoor Space Shine All Year Long

Pergola Designs

Design: Shavonda Gardner

We're just going to come out and say it: If you don't have a pergola in your backyard, chances are you're not making the most of your outdoor square footage. So, what is a pergola? It's a structure typically built with roof beams but without a solid roof or walls. The benefit of the average pergola is its ability to define and establish outdoor spaces, such as dining areas or seating lounges.

Although it's an open structure, you can create privacy by covering the top, growing crawling vines, or adding drapes, latticework, or screens.

Read on for 14 pergola designs that will instantly make your backyard a 10 out of 10.

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Two-Story Pergola

Pergola Design

Design: Orlando Soria, Photo: Zeke Ruelas

What's better than one pergola? Two. And the only thing better than two separate pergolas is having them stacked one on top of the other. The second floor doubles as its own pergola as well as a second-floor balcony, while also providing shade for the ground floor. The result is a gorgeous hangout from top to bottom.

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Well-Lit Pergola

pergola design

Shavonda Gardner 

If you're looking to dress up your patio with a built-in pergola, don't stop there. Use the overhead beams to hang rattan lamps in varying shapes and sizes. You'll have plenty of light to entertain guests at night, and your setup will look equally Instagrammable during the daytime too.

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Purposeful Pergola

pergola design

Wild Wood Modern

If your backyard square footage allows for it, creating separate vignettes that span the length of your space makes for the ultimate outdoor design. Block out a dining area with a pergola, and create a separate space for a fire pit and another with outdoor couches for lounging, all with their own purpose and style.

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Neutral Pergola

Pergola Design

Sarah Gibson of Room For Tuesday

Before you build your pergola, it's important to consider the options for building materials. Different woods will give you endless design options. We love how the light wash of this pergola complements the color scheme of the patio furniture.

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Tiny Pergola

pergola design

Artemis Arquitetura & Design

Believe it or not, you don't need a ton of square footage to pull off a backyard pergola. This one is situated in the corner and perched up against a wall so that it takes up almost no room, but it breathes new life into a plain space.

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Cabana-Inspired Pergola

pergola design

Cape Reed International

Give your pergola a beachside cabana feel when you arrange wood along the top in a chevron pattern. Modern outdoor furniture and bohemian touches add to the ambiance.

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Boho Pergola

pergola design

Oui By Paulette

If your style is unapologetically bohemian, this is just the inspiration you've been looking for. Incorporate tons of natural materials, like wood, bamboo, jute, burlap, and rattan, for a space that feels like an escape right in your backyard.

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Built-In Pergola

Pergola Design

Sarah Gibson of Room For Tuesday

If you treat your outdoor pergola as an extension of your space, you'll forget what it even looked like before. Attach the overhead build directly to the exterior of your home and decorate the area as you would any other room in your house. An outdoor rug and candlelight make your porch a perfect gathering space for warm evenings.

Capri Vinyl Pergola
Wayfair Capri Vinyl Pergola $3,860.00
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Romantic Pergola

In case you haven't noticed, the structure of your pergola is perfect for hanging string lights. Attach them at the base and let them hang over the sides for a look that's romantic, and dare we say, magical.

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Patio Pergola

pergola design

Shilla Hansen

If you own a condo or apartment with a small patio, there are still opportunities for big pergola dreams. This tiny patio is proof you can have it all, even on limited square footage. Attach one end directly to your home to save space, with beams spanning the length of your patio. A few cozy touches, and you'll be welcoming guests in no time.

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Cohesive Pergola

pergola design

Judith ​Helen/Helen's Royal Tea House

If you're the handy type, invest in plenty of wood to build yourself your dream pergola. Then, with the extra lumber, build a table and chairs that perfectly complement your wooden structure—almost as if they were made for each other.

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Wrought Iron Pergola

pergola design

Virginie Vandewoude

Pergolas don't have to be bulky built-ins. This wrought iron pergola covered in live greenery feels delicate but provides tons of shade, and the final look is reminiscent of a hidden gem you'd find in the south of France.

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Privacy Pergola

pergola design

Sophie Carpenter

If you're looking to hide from your neighbors (we can't blame you), adding a rattan shade above your pergola adds extra shade and privacy. Just be sure to secure the cover so it doesn't blow away when high winds blow your way. Finally, installing some outdoor curtains not only adds an element of design but works wonders when you want to shut out the neighbors.

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Store-Bought Pergola

Pergola Design

Design: Emily Henderson, Photo: Melissa Oholendt

If the DIY route is not one you're willing to take, we get it—building an outdoor structure can feel daunting. However, there are plenty of pre-built, store-bought pergolas on the market. Add your own flair via outdoor décor and market lighting.